Dear Diary

I take my pen and open your pages
In you I see my life pass through the ages-
Some were happy and some were sad
But in you I wrote all the feelings I had.
I pour my heart’s aching-
Or sometimes my guitar’s strumming.
You know all my secrets-
And listen to my pain in silence.
The dreams I desire
Are always in your lair.
My tears are stained in you through time
But the words we cherished-
Isn’t worth a dime.
And once again I write in you
From a smile to a blue.
My everyday story-
Dear Diary

Posted by Tharangni


  1. wow..very nice..actually i miss writing into a diary because of being busy..hehe..but since one of our requirements in our English class is to write in a journal every MWF, i am able to do it hehe

  2. @Ayu:Thanks! :)
    And Writing a diary is something like a school work??O_o!

  3. I used to write a diary too..
    So i could really relate to this :) :)
    Very nicely written!

  4. @Koo:Thanks! :) And hey u should continue writing it... It's very nice! You can never forget a moment at all, and if u do too.. u can see the diary!! :P

  5. hmm..can yo do me a favor pls..? i hope you could help me with this one..i wanna change my lay out (again) hehe..could you pls help me up..its the link ive chosen :

    i hope you can keep most of the widgets..thanks ^_^ i hope you dont mind >.< ( i think its teh best remedy to this problem of my blog jumping to other sites)

  6. wow , very nice @ Tharangni..

    well I used to write over diary few years back , now digital format has taken over from dairy its space , it was always a special feeling to keep it close to urself , since the deep inside secret are also there in it.

    nice read ..

    Do visit back if u get some time ..from ur busy schedule

  7. Oh, you keep a diary? (:

    RE: Thanks, I'm glad you liked the layout. I was working on it a few days back, and I still feel like something's out of place, but for now I'm too lazy to fix it. XD

  8. @Ayu: Im not able to read that goes with the html tag of
    a href='url' and /a with the brackets <>.
    @Vivek: Thanks and yes you are right :)
    @Karan a: Thakns! :)
    @Nalini sis: Thank you!! :)
    @Leona: Yea I do, but the pic isn't mine! :P I got that from net.
    >>Well i think ur layout misses the link navigation bar.. or else its perfect! X>

  9. one of the best poems i have ever read on diary.. beautiful dear..:)

  10. Hiya, I love your new look! And i love your poem!

    Thanks for the comment btw! ^-^

  11. This sounded really really cool...

    Maybe because I write a diary too...

  12. Wow!! I loveee writing my diary!! :P Very nicely written!! Beautiful blog you've got here!! :) Will visit soon!! cya!


  13. nice..
    writing diary!!
    thats something I couldnt keep up with..i mean with the time.

  14. @Sorcerer: Well... i don't write mine regularly.. but I write it 2 days in a week or so.. :) You too try it that way! :) It helps!! :)

    @Shona: Me tooo!! ^_^ I love my diary soo very much!! :) And thankxie! :D Sure will love seein' you all visit my blog frequently! :)

    @Selenium: Yep! all diary writers love their diaries and sometimes feel the same way! :)

    @Leti-chan:Thank you!! :)

    @Pramoda sis: Thank you!! :) Glad you linked it!! :)


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