Danbo – The next BIG Thing!

Zoozoos swept the world from the beginning of IPL season 1. Ever since then people wanted nothing but Zoozoo. And so even the market granted their wish and was soon selling out merchandise related to Zoozoo. Zoozoo key chains, Tee shirts, costumes etc lured the young teens into purchasing them.

Now a new German product called The Danbo is sweeping the world. Danbo’s are very small cardboard box like things and are really small when compared to the big sized moving-men-in-suits of the Zoozoo’s. One can say that The Danbo’s are much better than Zoozoos because:

  • They are made entirely out of cardboard, preferably recycled. So they’re Eco-Friendly.
  • If observed carefully one can see that the box, which has its head, has the letters: amazon.co.jp – indicating the importance of the Amazon River and Forest.
  • Unlike the Zoozoos, Danbos have only one facial expression in any situation, even if it’s happy or sad. Almost its like surprised of everything around it.

…And there’s even more to the unexplored world of these cute Danbos! :)
P.S: Whatever you have read right now was written totally by me with no reference to any other information if it was available in any other websites. And I haven’t read any info about them for any other site, except from Twitter for location and Flikcr for images. So, some of the info here maybe right or it may also be wrong. But I wrote whatever I know and get to know from them!

Click the image below to see Danbo Collection

For more info on Zoozoo Click Here.

Posted by Tharangni


  1. Omg they're super cute ^^
    I came across a picture of danbos y'day, but i didn't know what they were called then..
    This was informative, thanks :)

  2. yeah..danbo is alot cuter..i used one of his pics once and its really kawaii~~~ :3

  3. Danbos are cuute! :)

    I especially enjoy looking at pictures of them, since majority are really lovely.

  4. glad to see danbo here..super kawaii~ :D

    @☆Tharangni☆:actually the red shoes were just a symbol of the things we always took for granted..we cared for it when it was brand new but when it lost its beauty we just abandoned it..some kinda human nature poem :P

  5. zoozoo is amazing concept in the ad media..
    I simply love em!


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