55 Word Fiction:: Happy Birthday!

She kept starring at the calendar.
She knew that the day would get over soon
And it was the birthday of her ‘Secret Admirer’.
She said, “C’mon girl! Pull yourself together”,
And headed for the door.
She hesitated to open it
And didn’t leave her room.
Instead she took his picture
And whispered,
Happy Birthday!”

P.S: Listen guys I won't be able to come online more often from now on and blog, because of EXAMS!! :( But, do keep commenting 'cause I love 'em! :) And hey, yea I'll keep some Auto Posts just so you guys will know my blog isn't 'Dead'! :D Anyway see you all live at the 15th of march!
Posted by Tharangni


  1. Ahwww, how cute~~~~! <3 I get how she feels...

  2. One paragraph of Truth eh??

    P.S - Best of Luck for all your exams. Come back to blogsphere soon :)

  3. shweet :))

    best of luck for the exams dear.
    love ya
    take care :)

  4. wow..i can relate to this :3

    well i am also busy for upcoming quizzes and exams so i know what you feel

  5. @DD-Chan: Thanks! :)
    @Selenium: Well, yeah.. I guess you can say that too !:D
    @Choco:Thanks :) I'll do my best! :)
    @Ayu: Yea!!! I know! and thanks again for your support! :)

  6. Great poem :) Simple but boy does it deliver! I kinda felt goosebumps haha

  7. loved it...
    as sweet as drenching in rain...
    I did it to Sachin and Rahman


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