55 Word Fiction:: Decorations for their Scrapbook

“Hey Hazel! Carmen won’t feel bad
If we do it right?”
“Of course she won’t Ann! I mean
We are using it for our
Scrapbook dummy!” said Hazel.
“Okay then!” said Ann, as she began
Cutting her doll, Carmen and removed
The cotton with which she was stuffed
And began decorating
Her scrapbook with it.

P.S: I'm currently working on a short story. Please keep updating at my blog. :) And yea, I'll post the story as soon as my exams are over! So it's going to be something new! :) Until March 15th, Ciao! :)
Posted by Tharangni


  1. Gave me a feeling of tragedy. Was it that way?

  2. @Selenium: Yea it was.. :) girls just dont care about their stuff now-a-days.. they use it just for pleasure..


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