A Violin's Heart...

The summer smell filled the air
And butterflies roamed the land
A heavenly euphoria was felt
As the bow met the violin’s strings
It’s shrillness cried in the air
Replacing sadness over the merry.
The sound continued
Even after the sun went behind the hills-
And the valley got immersed in its tunes.
The sound heard united everyone.
The chirping ceased
And the roaring quitened
As all ears were pricked to the heavenly note.
The violin’s sadness and melody-
Teared every single mortal
And every heart lost its greed,
As the violin lifted off the valley.

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I am so Forgetful - Blog Birthday and Awards

I can’t believe that I’ve done it again! I missed out my blog birthday – again! Once I’d missed it out last year, and now I’ve done it again! I kept reminding myself that I shouldn’t forget it and here I’ve done just what I didn’t want to!
My blog birthday was on the 24th of March. My blog was created on the same date, 2 years ago at 1 am in the night when I was in class 7. Back then I used to have a Black Minima template and my first and second posts were Cardcaptor Sakura movies 1 and 2. I created it after my bro had done one (and he’d later deleted it) and after an inspiration from Unleashd Melody (who doesn’t blog constantly though). Later I deleted those posts and posted about Avril Lavigne in my holidays, i.e. on May 2008. After that I again deleted that post and resumed from October 31st by posting about Halloween. And ever since then, I’d been blogging constantly and this is what I am finally. I began writing articles first when I was in class 8 and poetry and other fictious write-ups in class 9 and I’ve continued with that.
And yet after such a nice history, which I kept telling my self to post on the 24th, I FORGOT!

So as a punishment for me, I'm going to give out Awards! (Usually I never ever do that!)

First award, is the Blogger Buddy Award! And this goes too:

Chocolate Lover
Unleashd Melody
Navya (Though she hardly ever blogs :P)

The next is for The Awesome Writer, and this goes to ~


And the final one, The Elegant Blogger Award and this goes to ~


And with that my blog is 2 years old!
I want my blog to be cute because it's only 2 years old!
I hope I'd got everyone tagged here, and if I didn't, I'm sorry!
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Lost Voice

Amidst this crowded city
My voice – all alone, is such a pity
My sadness is one of a kind
As no one is ready to rewind
I sound so lonely
With no one to hear me
But I sound very happy
When people and smiles are by me
I stretch out my neck
Just so I can reach out
And be heard all around
But what I desire, remains a wish
As I try to break this curse
Of my lost voice.

P.S:In this poem I tried to personify my Guitar(The pic is my guitar). I hope I've done well! :)
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Danbo – The next BIG Thing!

Zoozoos swept the world from the beginning of IPL season 1. Ever since then people wanted nothing but Zoozoo. And so even the market granted their wish and was soon selling out merchandise related to Zoozoo. Zoozoo key chains, Tee shirts, costumes etc lured the young teens into purchasing them.

Now a new German product called The Danbo is sweeping the world. Danbo’s are very small cardboard box like things and are really small when compared to the big sized moving-men-in-suits of the Zoozoo’s. One can say that The Danbo’s are much better than Zoozoos because:

  • They are made entirely out of cardboard, preferably recycled. So they’re Eco-Friendly.
  • If observed carefully one can see that the box, which has its head, has the letters: amazon.co.jp – indicating the importance of the Amazon River and Forest.
  • Unlike the Zoozoos, Danbos have only one facial expression in any situation, even if it’s happy or sad. Almost its like surprised of everything around it.

…And there’s even more to the unexplored world of these cute Danbos! :)
P.S: Whatever you have read right now was written totally by me with no reference to any other information if it was available in any other websites. And I haven’t read any info about them for any other site, except from Twitter for location and Flikcr for images. So, some of the info here maybe right or it may also be wrong. But I wrote whatever I know and get to know from them!

Click the image below to see Danbo Collection

For more info on Zoozoo Click Here.

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Nature Is Magic

The rising of the sun
The setting of the moon
And the movement of the clouds
In the big blue sky-
Studded with the chirping birds
Who swing into action, in the rain
Catch their prey n a sunny day.
The little insects suck the nectar
Or sometimes they feast the blood.
The beauty of color is shared by two-
One – The rare rainbow and
Two – The ever-showing proud petals.
All this happens in a wink
As soon as the ice sinks.
The mountains hold many a treasure
And shed their tears in a river.
No one can change this-
And no one can wield this.
Because it may result in a tragic

So nature is the only magic.

P.S: The Post 'What About Now' has been selected for BlogAdda's Spicy Saturday Pick for the date March 20th 2010!
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What exactly does ‘Geek’ Mean?

‘Oh My God! Tharangni! You’re such a geek!’ That’s what I receive from most of my friends and sometimes I wonder if ‘they’ actually know the meaning of ‘geek’! I think that they use the word assuming that it’s some kind of synonym for nerd. Once my brother wore a shirt, which had three battery pictures with each on a charge of:

100% for Cool.
50% for Geek.
0% for Nerd.

And then I was like, -What exactly does geek mean? At least from my brother’s shirt I got to know that it is no-where near related to geek! So I referred my Oxford Dictionary for it and the meaning in it was quite ironic! And was also a shock for me, who was also assuming it for a synonym of ‘nerd’.

According to Oxford English Dictionary-
Geek - /gi:k/n.Austral.sl.A Look [E dial.]
->n. – noun
->Austral. – Australian
->sl. – Slang
->E dial – English Dialect

So now the literal meaning of geek is ‘A Look’. So does that send out the appropriate meaning when my friends say:
Oh My God! Tharangni, you’re such a geek!’ It doesn’t! I mean there is no meaning in the sentence if you say:
‘Tharangni, you’re such a a look!’
Phew! So to all my dear friends who think that the meaning of geek is something like a nerd, well it isn’t. And please do know the literal meaning before you use a world whose meaning you don’t know! And oh, there isn’t even a single percent relation between geek and nerd!

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Dear Diary

I take my pen and open your pages
In you I see my life pass through the ages-
Some were happy and some were sad
But in you I wrote all the feelings I had.
I pour my heart’s aching-
Or sometimes my guitar’s strumming.
You know all my secrets-
And listen to my pain in silence.
The dreams I desire
Are always in your lair.
My tears are stained in you through time
But the words we cherished-
Isn’t worth a dime.
And once again I write in you
From a smile to a blue.
My everyday story-
Dear Diary

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What About Now

This is my first story as well as the story which I told that I'd post as soon as my exams were over and here it is! So do enjoy the read!
P.S: This Post has been selected for BlogAdda's Spicy Saturday Pick for the date March 20th 2010!

The sun tried its best to enter his den. It was dark everywhere and the room as a real mess. A small beam made its way through the drapes.
He felt it and woke up. He kicked the sheets and made his way to the heavy curtain and with a single sway he drew them open and the room was flooded with light.
‘Aghh’ he shouted as the light fell on his eyes, soon his eyes got adjusted to the light and he turned to a corner were a photo frame glistened. He went towards it and picked it up. He let his fingers run through it and his eyes began to swell.
It had been 2 months since she’d died.
The one person whom he’d loved in the whole world.
Everything happened in an instant that day. He last saw her in the Coffee Shop where she broke up with him.
After that he didn’t see her for almost a week. Then one morning in the obituary section of the Daily Newspaper:

Marion Hall
Age: 25
11th September 1985 – 2nd February 2010
Ceremony at the Church.
Body will be cremated in the Local Grave.

Everything went wrong after that. He lost his job. He didn’t pay his rent. He even lost hope in living. He switched on his stereo in a hope to relax himself. He selected the track – ‘What About Now’ by Westlife.
The lyrics were stuck in his head.

For all the things that never died,
To make it through the night,
Love will find you

What about now,
What about today,
What if you’re making me all that I was meant to be,
What if our love never went away,
What if it’s lost behind words we could never find,
Baby, before it’s too late,
What about now.

Hearing it, he began speaking to himself.
‘Man these guys surely tell my hearts tale! This is just what I'm going through and it’s all in this darn song! God! People and Time really cohere in weird timings!’
‘Marion if you’re listening to this, please understand this. I still love you and I always will.' He spoke that looking at the ceiling knowing that Marion would surely hear him.
He lay silent for a few seconds and after that he got changed and headed to the beach. He kept starring at the ocean with his dark eyes and sighed and spoke out, ‘This place reminds me of her so much. The sea has the same color as her eyes and the sand is soft as her skin.’
He kept thinking about her and the song.
Time was moving on and he knew that it wouldn’t wait for him. So he decided to move on and went to her grave. It wasn’t hard to find. It was the most recent one. He knelt down and kept a bunch of blue bells – they were her favorite. He prayed silently for a few minutes and let out his thoughts…
‘ “So Marion, what about now?” would be what I’d exactly be asking you if you were alive. You were my life’s guide and I never wanted to leave you. But sadly it was you who left me. It has been 2 months dear and I still love you. But I must move on since I'm still living and I will continue to live. Whatever has happened has happened and nothing can change this fervent feeling. However I'll make only one promise – You’re the first and the last person whom I’ve ever loved and will ever love. I swear on this promise till I die. So until then, see you soon my dear love.’
With that he got up and left the grave and went to the city -
Somewhere he hadn’t gone for almost 2 months.
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55 Word Fiction:: Decorations for their Scrapbook

“Hey Hazel! Carmen won’t feel bad
If we do it right?”
“Of course she won’t Ann! I mean
We are using it for our
Scrapbook dummy!” said Hazel.
“Okay then!” said Ann, as she began
Cutting her doll, Carmen and removed
The cotton with which she was stuffed
And began decorating
Her scrapbook with it.

P.S: I'm currently working on a short story. Please keep updating at my blog. :) And yea, I'll post the story as soon as my exams are over! So it's going to be something new! :) Until March 15th, Ciao! :)
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Pictures ♥

Pictures of you and pictures of me
Transcend through time and travel far.
Hang them on the wall
So the world can see
The togetherness of you and me.

P.S: My next post is on the 11th of march and do keep your comments coming! :)
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Fallen flower in the garden
Fallen pride in the heart
Fallen beauty lost in time.
Searching for what remains
In a world where none gains
All I do is roam hopelessly
In this maze of boundless mist.

My next post is coming on the 7th! :) Oh and by the way, I took this pic in my house. Actually I got my idea of this poem after seeing that sad look in those flowers (they're artificial).
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55 Word Fiction:: Happy Birthday!

She kept starring at the calendar.
She knew that the day would get over soon
And it was the birthday of her ‘Secret Admirer’.
She said, “C’mon girl! Pull yourself together”,
And headed for the door.
She hesitated to open it
And didn’t leave her room.
Instead she took his picture
And whispered,
Happy Birthday!”

P.S: Listen guys I won't be able to come online more often from now on and blog, because of EXAMS!! :( But, do keep commenting 'cause I love 'em! :) And hey, yea I'll keep some Auto Posts just so you guys will know my blog isn't 'Dead'! :D Anyway see you all live at the 15th of march!
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