Writing ≠ Singing!!

The art of writing
Isn’t the same as singing.
You sing with the notes: Do-Re-Mi
But you write with the letters: A-B-C.
You sing a song with tunes and music
But you write stories with a pen and pencil.
You sing till your vocals strain
But you write till your wrists pain.
I mean, I did say before,
Writing and singing do differ!

Today, I was checking Shruti’s blog, Hits and misses, and it was her 100th post! ::Good + Great Work Girl!^_^:: And along with that, she’d given me awards too!^_^ I really thank her for those!^_^

Posted by Tharangni


  1. wow..nice comparison between them :) and congratz for the award~! x)

    about your comment:

    @Tharangni☆: wow..youre really that creative and has a wide imagination..:D

  2. congratz on the awards :D
    and ya indeed singing and writing is somewhat different...

  3. I'll second whatever you've written in this post.

    The art of writing and singing take two different methods to achieve beauty.

    But despite the differences, there are numerous songs (One example would be "Losing my Religion" by R.E.M ) that have combined both two achieve jaw dropping results.

    Now a days anyone who can convert written text to a beautiful song wins my admiration.

  4. Ayu: Thanks!!^_^ and umm... which comment are you talking about btw?
    Rajlakshmi: Yea I know! and Thanks!!^_^
    Selenium: Yea they do! And that is one of the reasons why they are so diff.!^_^
    haha! but hey, they first 'write' it and then they 'sing' it! :D

  5. @Ayu: hehe!^_^ Thanks!^_^ Actually the weather was like that one morning when I was going to school, So that was how I got to write about them! :D
    (As in reply to my post)

    --->that is the comment of you im talking about :3

    February 28, 2010 12:49 PM

  6. Hey! Sadhana here! ( From www.musingsofaboredteen.wordpress.com) Thanks for dropping by my blog! And nice blog and post! :) I'll keep dropping by! *Follows* :D


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