No Goodbye

When I stare at your eyes,
My heart unfurls a joy.
When I see you smiling back at me,
I want to crouch in your little heart.
When I see you walking down the lane,
I want to walk right beside you.
When I hear you whisper my name,
I want you to come and hold my hand.
When I see you leave me tonight,
I just want to say
No Goodbye.

Posted by Tharangni


  1. Thanks for dropping by sweets,i must say you don't seem like a beginner.i really adore your poems :)

    Following you on twitter.found you in shri's list :P

  2. @Sunakshi: Well I like em too, but I wanna change my pattern! I always reason the next line of my poem with, 'for' or 'as' or 'like' or 'and'! I really wanna make them to sentences you know!! So I always try to change my style! :'(!

    >>And hey, am following you too(accept the req.)!!! :)! btw, even if you didn't get it, I had in my profile lined anyway!! :D

  3. Aaahh... this was very nice, simple and happy. Just my type :D

  4. @Selenium:: Hehee!!^_^ Thank you!! Glad that you like ittt!!^_^


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