The Morning Pearl

The morning sky glistened blue
And resembled its best hue.
The sky looked lifelessly pale
As no life breathed in the light’s gale.
Yet the moon shone nonchalantly,
Whole and completely.
It made its appearance everyday
And I always met its gaze.
I'll say this without a doubt,
Just as the moon revolved round and about:
Never had it shone better in he morning,
Than to the night’s darkening.
It looked like a pearl in the sky
But with an aura of loneliness surrounded by.
And so it hid beneath the blue,
Fading away as the sun made its cue.
Posted by Tharangni


  1. Fascinating. I'm not sure it really makes sense, but it seems like it ought to. I like poetry that does that.

    Oh, I might also add that it looks a bit like one of those exercises where you're given a random set of words and have to write a poem using them. . . . :)


  2. Why am I feeling sad with this poem? Did I feel you?

  3. Beautiful lines..I could almost visualize the whole scene.You really are capable of weaving magic with words Schrei :)

  4. @DD-Chan: Thank you again!^_^

    @Wisewit: Thank you!^_^ Umm... no I didnt write this on basis of exercise. I Wrote this when i always saw the moon in the morning when I was going to school in the bus! :D

  5. @Chocolate: Thank you!!^_^ :)

    @MinneRunner: Actually it not me who is sad, but im actually feeling sad for the moon to hide to give way for the sun.. it's like bullying! X|

    @Sammy: Thank you so much!! :) ^_^

  6. Nice poetry... feelings are very well expressed!

  7. Excellent description...
    This one had me in Awe.

  8. hmm..i love the rhythm though the msg. is to so clear to comparing the sun to the moon..which are you favoring..? hmm...but if the last descriptions are for the sun..well that's a nice you see the emotion of being lonely the sun hid in some terms.
    about your comment:
    hm..i do not said that :D i just been busy with exams and now its almost through im ready for another blogging experience again~!!! :3

    reply on my blog~! :3

  9. @Karan A: Thank you!^_^ Glad you like 'em! :)
    @Selenium: Hehe! :D Thank you! :)^_^
    @Ayu: Well I Favor the moon for sure!! =D !Well, I wrote it like that cuz, the moon had to hide away beacause of the sun. It's more like 'bullying'. Besides, I hate the sun! :P It's so hotttt!!! X(
    Okey! so, Im really lookin for your next post!!! :3 !^_^

  10. hmm..i now get it :P

    hehe..thanks for the further explanation :P

    (P.S. if you'll reply to this comment..pls. put it in my blog's comment box so that i can update my comments :D)

  11. left you an award Love!
    You dont HAVE to follow the rules, but I think you deserve it!

  12. @Isha: Thank you so much for the award! :)
    @Ayu: hehe!^_^ Sure! :)


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