Memory Lane

I closed my eyes
And I went back in time
I let my thoughts play the game
As I went down my memory lane
I didn’t know where to start
As my dreams were falling apart
Then I caught hold of something precious
And so hard it was to let it go,
When I saw her smile, reeling back and forth
Better than any foe,
Suddenly her images flickered
And I panicked.
The fear of losing her again crept in me.
So I went back in trice,
Only to realize that I can’t ever again,
Step back in memory lane.

Posted by Tharangni


  1. So... two questions.

    1> Was this from a boys point of view?
    2> Was the narrator suffering from memory loss/problems?

  2. uhhhh, so sad really!!! Gaahhh, ya know I can't stand sad things! T~T *sob* But it's really beautiful <3

  3. As Selenium has asked, was this written from a guy's point of view?

    'Cause I can imagine this coming from a guy to someone he loves, or from a girl to a close friend.

    And I can see you really like making poems :)

  4. @Ayu: Thanks!!^_^

    @Selenium: 1>Well, no actually I've written this based on my best friend (When I was in chennai), but am currently not able to see her due to locations. So I wrote this remembrance of her!^_^
    2> No, the narrator wasn't suffering from any probs. At some time in life, people wish they could go back to the happy days. So This was one of those happy days.

    @DD-Chan: Sorry, and thanks!^_^

    @Leona: No, Well Actually it's totally from my point of view.
    It's from a girl to a close friend..
    And yea, I really like to write poems!^_^


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