Lets save Mr. Stripy!

Striped he is,
Tinted in black, yellow and orange.
And for this he is hunted down.
A trade for his priceless beauty.
His time and blood went aside each other.
And very less of him breathe today.
Soft and Swift.
Lovable and Fierce.
Unique and Endangered.
Let us save the tiger,
And give it back its home

The tiger is a symbol of fierceness, and is the national animal of India. Once India was roaring with tigers, and today there are only 1411 tigers left. Let us not make it leave its print in stones and soil. Let us save it. Let us rise an awareness. Let us blog for it!


  1. True. Our National Animal right now is going as dead as dodos.


    Pity that not much is being done to save them either...

  2. @Chocolate Lover: Thanks! Im Glad to hear that! :)
    @Selenium: Yea! But, atleast now the adverts are going out! X| And it's just now they put em! Not b4! Stupid Lazy Indian Government! X(

  3. We must absolutely save the tigers!! If we think they're beautiful, then why are we extingguishing them? I'm with you!

    btw; I have an award for ya in my post "sunshine award".

  4. I'm not sure whether blogging about it is gonna help...isn't it already too late?The authorities should've taken an initiative when they still had time.Anyway nice li'l poem Schrei!
    I hope Mr Stripey can really be saved!

  5. i like your purpose in this post ^_^

    we must save endangered animals like tigers before its too late..

    very well written :3

    (P.S. if you'll reply to this comment..pls. put it in my blog's comment box so that i can update my comments :D)

  6. @Tim: Well I guess you can say that! :D Cuz I really love nice and catchy pics! :)
    @Ayu:Thank you!^_^ Yea, I agree with you!
    @Sammy:I know, and today only in the Newspaper they put an article about it! and that's so lame cuz they're putting it now only!! X(
    @DD-Chan: You bet and sure, I'll drop by! :)

  7. yeah, anyway, you took good pictures, and it is awesome you know.. cool!

  8. o! so cute, enjoy the rally!

  9. welcome to JP...

    divine message, love tigers.

    have fun exploring some entries...


  10. a teenage environmentalist? ooo wow! my potluck.. http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2011/01/21/remain/

  11. beautiful gesture, i think i will join it.

    thanks for raising your voice and reminding us.



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