Cursed Angel

The sky harbored me
And I rejoiced the sky
Flying past the clouds
Unseen to the mortal eye
I blessed each with a boon
Until I’d seen my hearts adore.
He wasn’t your everyday man
Tall and gallant
Handsome and young
Quiet and calm
I hovered from the heavens above
Just to see what he felt like.
Little did I know that it wasn’t possible
As I watched my hand go through him.
My heart felt heavy
And my eyes were misty.
But I didn’t leave him without a blessing
No dame shall thee fall for
Except for a one with a pure soul
Whose beauty is from the inside
But is just an ordinary girl
Deep down I knew that it was a curse,
But I wished for his good.
Slowly my wings fell like a corpse.
My halo disappeared in a trice.
I last felt my love for him
Before I left his cursed realm.

Posted by Tharangni


  1. those are such beautiful verses...
    thats how love is... lovely write...

  2. wow those are such beautifully penned verses... so sad yet beautiful...

    ** this is my second attempt to post a comment here :D

  3. Hmm, I wonder if something like that happened to me. Only in my case it's the girls who don't fall for me. :( Or maybe I should say it's always the girls who obviously don't fit me that fall for me. Well, maybe that means I haven't met one yet whose beauty is on the inside. I can always hope. . . .


  4. What a beautifully woven story. :)
    Lovely write Schrei!

  5. I like it. a lot.
    I love your stuff. always. <3

  6. @Rajlakshmi: Well, Thank you!^_^ I'm glad you like it.!^_^ And hey, I kinda moderate the comments, so it will appear only after I've accepted it. So don't feel bad if it doesn't come as soon as you post one! :)

    @Wisewit: and Yep!^_^ You should never give up your hopes! Keep believing and you will succeed!

    @Sammy, Ayu and Isha: Thank you very much! Your all poems really inspire me and always forces me to write it in a different perspective! Tank you so very much for your help guys, All of you! :)

  7. Hmm... this was great. Just Clarify me the last two lines...

    Was his world cursed because the girl's love not returned? Or something else...


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