Writing ≠ Singing!!

The art of writing
Isn’t the same as singing.
You sing with the notes: Do-Re-Mi
But you write with the letters: A-B-C.
You sing a song with tunes and music
But you write stories with a pen and pencil.
You sing till your vocals strain
But you write till your wrists pain.
I mean, I did say before,
Writing and singing do differ!

Today, I was checking Shruti’s blog, Hits and misses, and it was her 100th post! ::Good + Great Work Girl!^_^:: And along with that, she’d given me awards too!^_^ I really thank her for those!^_^

Posted by Tharangni

A Battle in the Skies

The sky looked different
It wasn’t united for some reason
Their colors were mixed in coherent
Somehow it reminded me of another season
The wind roared in my ears
The leaves danced in the air
As I found it difficult to walk in there
Scurrying for shelter, I found my roof
And the pelting rain just wasn’t aloof
The smell of purity traveled through the world
As the day darkened in no hurdle
The skies flashed
And rolled in anger
No one knew what happened then
As the sun took over its time and realm

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Cursed Angel

The sky harbored me
And I rejoiced the sky
Flying past the clouds
Unseen to the mortal eye
I blessed each with a boon
Until I’d seen my hearts adore.
He wasn’t your everyday man
Tall and gallant
Handsome and young
Quiet and calm
I hovered from the heavens above
Just to see what he felt like.
Little did I know that it wasn’t possible
As I watched my hand go through him.
My heart felt heavy
And my eyes were misty.
But I didn’t leave him without a blessing
No dame shall thee fall for
Except for a one with a pure soul
Whose beauty is from the inside
But is just an ordinary girl
Deep down I knew that it was a curse,
But I wished for his good.
Slowly my wings fell like a corpse.
My halo disappeared in a trice.
I last felt my love for him
Before I left his cursed realm.

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Memory Lane

I closed my eyes
And I went back in time
I let my thoughts play the game
As I went down my memory lane
I didn’t know where to start
As my dreams were falling apart
Then I caught hold of something precious
And so hard it was to let it go,
When I saw her smile, reeling back and forth
Better than any foe,
Suddenly her images flickered
And I panicked.
The fear of losing her again crept in me.
So I went back in trice,
Only to realize that I can’t ever again,
Step back in memory lane.

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No Goodbye

When I stare at your eyes,
My heart unfurls a joy.
When I see you smiling back at me,
I want to crouch in your little heart.
When I see you walking down the lane,
I want to walk right beside you.
When I hear you whisper my name,
I want you to come and hold my hand.
When I see you leave me tonight,
I just want to say
No Goodbye.

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Illegitimate Love

Under the autumn tree,
Lay the empty bench.
The wind blew in glee,
But the wood’s memory was a glitch.
It remained there empty
Lost in the grey.
Waiting for some family
To come and pray.
But no one cared for its story,
Not even in the month of February,
When the lovers united,
And sat in its seat.
As the love spread in the air,
No one listened to its plea.
And now all that was left in it
Were memories in the dark.
One day, a maple came forward,
And rested in its light.
They began weaving their love story,
As they faded away in each others memories.

Posted by Tharangni

Lets save Mr. Stripy!

Striped he is,
Tinted in black, yellow and orange.
And for this he is hunted down.
A trade for his priceless beauty.
His time and blood went aside each other.
And very less of him breathe today.
Soft and Swift.
Lovable and Fierce.
Unique and Endangered.
Let us save the tiger,
And give it back its home

The tiger is a symbol of fierceness, and is the national animal of India. Once India was roaring with tigers, and today there are only 1411 tigers left. Let us not make it leave its print in stones and soil. Let us save it. Let us rise an awareness. Let us blog for it!

The Morning Pearl

The morning sky glistened blue
And resembled its best hue.
The sky looked lifelessly pale
As no life breathed in the light’s gale.
Yet the moon shone nonchalantly,
Whole and completely.
It made its appearance everyday
And I always met its gaze.
I'll say this without a doubt,
Just as the moon revolved round and about:
Never had it shone better in he morning,
Than to the night’s darkening.
It looked like a pearl in the sky
But with an aura of loneliness surrounded by.
And so it hid beneath the blue,
Fading away as the sun made its cue.
Posted by Tharangni