Yesterday I got up at 10.30 after the New Year eve’s party.
Yesterday I had the most scrumptious breakfast of 3 Dosas and Chutney+Sambar at 11.30.

Yesterday I was battling my wits against my mom’s creative ideas for the bathroom accessories.
Yesterday I went to a movie with my BROTHER for the first time.
Yesterday was my brother’s birthday.
Yesterday I saw Avatar movie in 3D at IMAX.
Yesterday I had no lunch at all except for a Sprite Can and Popcorn while watching Avatar.
Yesterday I found Lenka’s The Show album in the music store-but didn’t buy it.
Yesterday I went to Landmark for my bro to buy gift and buy me a book.

Yesterday I bought a gift for my bro-but he didn’t it.
Yesterday I found the best ever journal book in Landmark and I bought that.
Yesterday I had a tough time finding a gift for my bro that it was almost 7 by the time I stepped out.
Yesterday my bro was happy when he saw his gift, which I gave in home.
Yesterday mom decorated the house with curtains to give her favorite ‘Ethnic’ look.

Yesterday I had another scrumptious dinner of Pannier and Chapattis.
Yesterday I finally sat to study for the Social test (tomorrow) at 7.30.

Yesterday I took 2 hours to memrize Eco. And an hour each for History And Civics.
Yesterday I sat up studying till 12 in the night.
Yesterday night I was happy because dad said that he’d drop me in school in car and also show the school to bro.
And finally… Yesterday was a total amazing day! XD


  1. hey sweety..
    am realy happy that yesterday was good for you :)
    enjoy everyday dear :)
    love you..

    take care

  2. Well... good to know people had a nice day :)

    Yesterday, I woke up at 7 in the morning (First time in 2 months).
    Yesterday, the temperature was 4 degree celcius
    Yesterday, I had a University exam. Only 1 guy I know is passing the Exam... the rest (me included) are failing.
    Yesterday we had a bumper new year treat with friends... I had to take antacid after the feast...

    Yesterday was a bitter sweet experience.

  3. @Chocx: hehe!^_^ thanks^_^
    and yea i'll enjoy each and everyday of my life!^_^
    @Selenium: 4 degrees??? wer d u live? delhi?? and was the test a surprise 1?? and antacid?? X|
    what is all that?

  4. ◕‿◕ wow..I must review now on my subjects~! i should to follow your footsteps~! XD glas you are happy and lucky yesterday

  5. Heyy! You had Dosa and Sambhar as a breakfast? woww!

    And I didn't even have a chance to sleep on 31st dec. so all of 1st jan i only slept. :P

  6. Wow, glad ya had a good day! ^^ Opposite of what I hade...


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