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The Case of Smoking
The world’s moving on and nobody waits for anyone to move one with them. It’s up to them to catch up with the others or be left out. With the innovation of technology, people are taking things for granted and also believe that technology can find the cure. And such is a case in the health sector. Even today after various articles and newspaper reports, people continue to smoke. They believe that technology will find a cure for the lung disease. But why need a cure when you can prevent it? A research in 2006 showed that the Europeans smoked the most. ‘Idea’ had introduced the idea of walking as you talk as most of the youth have access to the mobile phones and talk a lot. This advert has arisen their conscience and now they have taken the idea of walking when they talk to keep themselves fit.
Sadly such is not the case for tobacco. The burnt tobacco inhaled can infect our lungs and this will lead severe lung infections/diseases. So the best way to prevent this is by raising an awareness, and this can be done in various way by just going up to them and telling them not to smoke. Or else pamphlets or billboards can put the defects of smoking rather than having other futile adverts.
Attempts are being made in the cyber world by making Fan pages on going against Smoking/Tobacco and spreading the need to reduce it for a healthy society. Moreover if an individual who has been smoking stops smoking and this continues to communities and even leads countries to stop smoking, then we will also be reducing the effect of global warming indirectly.
Go Innovative for raising an Awareness
AIDS, Cancer etc are some of the incurable diseases, which can only be prevented and for this every year an awareness is raised. People propagate this by going on a rally almost around the whole city holding placards and banners. But is this the only way to do it? Think creative and raising this awareness can be even more fun!
Awareness is spread online too, but that’s in the virtual world, no in the real world. Here’s one way of spreading and awareness in the fun way in the real world. Try blowing up a big balloon, not the party ones or the big ones that hang from the building, but an average one. Then write your message and sign your name and just leave the balloon to fly with a sign saying to write another message about the awareness. This balloon will fly and if another person gets this, he/she will write his/her opinion and so the message will spread in a fun way. You will never know who will get it next or where all it goes, but wherever it will go, people will get the idea of the message and spread it on.
There’s no end to creativity. It lingers in our endless imagination growing and evolving. It’s up to us to use it and create something new. So unleash your creative ideas for a better future.

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  1. Smoking is deffinitely not good! I agree ya should spend your time doing something else. I'm always worried for people I know that are smoking. They're hurting themselves, don't do that anymore please!! ToT

    Great post, what ya say is so true! ^^

  2. Yea that's right!! Well actually this is an article for my school magazine.. i posted to hear the responses of different ppl.. and it is coming out real good too! :)
    And thanks!^_^

  3. I'm a non smoker and I have a theorem which proves that smoking causes Tsunami :P

    Of course that was a total joke...

    But being constantly surrounded by smokers (my dad and a lot of my friends) I've given up lecturing or making people aware of this issue. They'll pretend they are listening to you, but in reality, they usually don't. So, just make sure you discourage the newbies from picking up smoking

  4. I wonder whether writing messages will help...especially when it comes to smoking.To tell you the truth addicts need rehab.There's just no other way they'll quit :(

  5. i hate smokers..they dont know what they are doing to their lungs..nice public awareness girl..i adore you for that..:) thinking of changing my layout gain..can you help me..i wonder if what sites we can find cute layouts for blogs..hope you could help me if youre not so busy :)

    super thanks :3

    *wink wink*

  6. @Sel: MAN!! That is one hilarious joke!! I never knew a single cigar could do so much trouble!! :D :D
    and im glad to so many ppl who are non smokers!! :) and yea dont worry i'll!^_^

    @Sammy: Yea they dont, even my teach approved when i showed this article for Journalism... yea they really need serious rehab.. and i sadly'd feel sorry for them!

  7. @Ayu: thanks girl!^_^ And yea..!^_^ I'll help you!^_^ I'll link some in ur cbox.. :)

  8. ive done it girl~! :) i just edit some from the site PYZAM..the problem is i couldn't include the ones at the top of my blog like LOG IN, and etc..can you help me with that..? that's my problem..:)

  9. oh i see..hmm..ill try on editing it a bit..thanks..

    just aother question..does my layout appeared whole in your comp..? i mean the image of the girl should be half..:) what do you see..?

  10. i hate smokers! I just can't understand why do people smoke? Its harming everyone :|

  11. @Choco: Yep! That right girl! I hate em too!! I just try to keep my self away from em in public! X(

  12. a wonderful act towards society..appreciable...


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