It's Just Sweeping By!!

All I do is just gape open mouthed when I think of the year which has GONE BY. Yes. I really can't believe that 2009 has gone and it's 2010 now. And that also means that my 9th grade in 'gone' and I'll have to face the 10th grade! My years of schooling co-ordinate with the years rolling by and therefore makes my grade easy to remember because it always corresponds to the year. Anyway all I can recall now is the year sweeping by and I felt the same with my 7th and 8th grades. Maybe it's like that because I remember a quote that says, "Happy moments are short-lived". And maybe all my 3 years were real happy. Well but still things have to be balanced and I did get sad and even ended up crying. But it's all of that, that makes up these wonderful memories. Anyway, I feel this year has been precious just like the year before. I mean I got so many shocking surprises this year, like when I was made the Chief Editor of our school magazine 'The Hillside News' and when I came second in the overall running race between all the section and getting real good grades in Social Science after I'd heard from the previous 9th graders the the social papers were strictly corrected and dropping my grades in English in the Ist term and so on.

In the beginning of the 9th grade I felt really sad when Navya left the class because she'd taken Sanskrit and I'd taken Hindi as my 2nd language, but soon Pratyusha came from the other class in order the maintain the balance between the classes and so I sat with her for two whole terms of full fun and joy, until ma'am changed places! :'( But I still talk with her and all though she's always absent most of the time.
And this year my birthday was really awesome to! I got a wonderful greeting card from Navya and a gift from Pratyusha, though just two days before my brother did something and changed the laptop to a USELESS Windows 7, with no speakers, no wirless and NOTHING! So I wasn't able to blog about it. Oh! and two days before only, in our school a monkey came and stole the assembly show! :D
But still, my bro did give me something 'great-astic!' for my birthday, his Mp4! Well it's a real cool one with all setting and he'd got it from his own pocket money when he was in the 10th grade. And my parents didn't get me anything so I ended up buying three books for me! :) I finished reading two of the them, though I'm lazy to read the third book because it's kind of bo-oring!
And this Christmas was really awesome too apart from the Secret Santa gift and all!
We people never celebrate christmas, but this year mom made cake because bro was coming and I kept asking mom and dad to surprise me on the Christmas morning by wrapping gifts and putting the on my room door. I never thought that they'd put it, but still they did and I accidentally discovered it when I went to my room to get a thick blanket because I was sleeping in another room and it was cold there. But I didn't open it then either. I opened it on the next day only. And guess what was in it?
There was an amazing set of small jewel boxes of various shapes and I really love having boxes like those for I consider it as a 'Treasure Box'. And I got a very cute keychain in which hung 5 cute colourful puppies (not cuter than Tomy though!) and I'm using it as my locker key's keychain! And then I got a set of glitter gel, 'cause I suddenly carve a feeling for art and so I don't know how my mom knew, but she got it! It was that awesome and the New year was the same way-AWESOME only! :)
Man that was one amazing year! :D
So now it's time I went off... phew! Got homework to do!
Talk to you later!^_^
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  1. i know what you feel..time truly pass by so quickly..:( have an awesome award from me~!

  2. Hey seems like last year went quite well for you.The presence of family and friends is something that makes us survive troubled times and I'm glad you have such dependable friends in your life :)

    P.S:Some people are spamming in Japanese eh?

  3. Well, time flies! Hope this year too will be full of surprises. ^-^ happy new year

  4. @Ayu: Yea! :'( I only wish I can control time so that it can accord to my wishes! :D
    And yea.. I'll get it now! :D
    @Sammy: Hehe!!^^ Thanks :D and yea some real freaks plus my system doesn't support that language, so I see only gibberish!
    @DD-chan: Yea.. :'(
    and thanks and same to you to!^_^

  5. of's okay..its your time not mine..:) np..

    you deserve the award..what can i say..? hehe..

    misses you,
    ayu :3

  6. im sorry about that..its in Filipino..

    by the way, here's my new post:

    movie review of 5 centimeetrs per second

    check it out~! ^_^


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