Green vs. GreeD

Rooted firm they’re to the ground.
With sentinel surrounded all around.
Tears they shed, but tire their move.
Words they don’t utter,
And with that an advantage, we slaughter.
Years they take to go bosky again,
But our lust bothers us the most,
As we hack them again.
These hands we use,
Are not for care
And the words we use are less fair.
Never we cared for what they gave,
With their shade and blade,
Began our survival.
And all that becomes a morsel,
Of our past as we try,
To bring down a creature of zilch,
And then should we call ourselves a human again?

bosky- wooded (Shakespeare Language)
Posted by Tharangni


  1. whew..! i honestly don't understand the depth of your not good in English vocabulary.but i'll try to read it again~! it's nice you read Shakespeare..haha..i find him great but his language is really hard to comprehend with >.<

  2. Profound Indeed...
    What hath inspired thou???

  3. @Ayu: Well it's about cutting down of trees and then latter not taking care of them. we cut em down for our need(lust). and we never think abt the fact that it was bcuz of trees our survival became vigil. Well.. once u read Shakespeare plays n poems.. u'll get hold of the language!^_^

    @Chocolate: Thank you girl!^_^

  4. @Sel: Simple desperation to write a poem-- since I'd not written for days.. :) and i longed for shakespeare... :)


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