Free from school, But not from work!

I flung into my mom’s arms as she opened the door and I told happily, ‘Yeah! No more school!’ Then I fondled with my dog for a while and thought about the whole term! And boy was it a long one! The last break we had, was in October. So basically, 4 solid months without hols! And now that they’re on the roll for 2 weeks (10 days), man will I be in the perfect heaven! My racing thoughts stopped all of a sudden as the word ‘work’ interrupted it.
Ow man! Does school have to haunt me during the hols too???!” Mark my words and feel really hit by a cyclone guys! Our sO gReAt school has given us loads of assignments!! As if they don’t by giving heaps of it for the CBSE CCE(Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation). Logically speaking they should give us less work because they gave more days of school with work to do on those days too!
Now, I have 10 days of holidays, when I'll possibly get up early n the morning ‘cause my parents leave for work soon and it’s also the festive time.
In English, ma’am gave us a worksheet to do with all the writing skills in. Say it will take about a day or 2 to sit completely finish it.
Hindi ma’am was real generous enough to give us an assignment of writing down some 10 sentences and finding their subjects and predicates. (can complete it the day I finish english)
Math teacher gave us individual group work and my group got surface areas out of which I have to find the cylinder’s Total Surface Area and Curved Surface area by simply using some creative methods.(will take 2 days)
Science: they did give us a lot of assignments but ‘lazy me’ didn’t write them down, because I'll phone and ask it! :P (will take 2 days)
Social Studies: the project is about writing 10-15 pages about reports regarding Disaster Management.(will also take 2 days)
Remaining one day… what should I do then? Sit out and chase away the crows or what! School, should give assignments which we can do and as well as enjoy the holidays at the same time. Well as a matter of fact I don’t even think that 10 days would be sufficient to do this heap! X(



  1. Oh my, that's a lot of homework during a holiday. How cruel... Well, I can only wish you good luck with it.

  2. @DD-Chan: I know!X'( I bet no one else gets stuff like this!
    @Ayu: Woah u too went thru this???XO!

  3. School is the best part of life .. CRIB more .. but enjoy as much too .. U can't have it back, ever !

    Sourav :)

  4. @Ayu: Well I hope that i to turn out like you did... nothing serious i hope!
    @Sourav: Yea I will... :P

  5. Wow! you mean you can actually write 10-15 pages in 2 days? Even in college, I always had to allow something more like 2 weeks for something that long. :)

    Anyway, in American schools they're always saying you should spend at least 2 hours on you schoolwork outside of class for every hour in class. Nobody ever seems to stop to think that, if you have six hours of classes, that would mean spending 18 hours a day on schoolwork! (And then they're always talking about how it's important to get a good night's sleep!) Right! Of course, nobody ever does. :)


  6. @Wisewit: Well... we have to write them in one side of the page only.. and i think about 4 pages will be wasted for front page-index-acknowledgments & Bibliography... and plus i kinda write fast.. :D
    .....18 hours of work!!! no way! no one in our country forces us what to do out of school though! :D

  7. Well, they can't really force us to study that much here either; it's just something they say, and, of course nobody listens. Maybe students would take their teachers more seriously if they didn't say absurd things like that. :)

    About the writing: I figured there had to be something like that. Also, When I talk about writing a ten-page paper I'm expecting to have to sort out and write maybe four pages of bibliography in MLA format. That usually took longer than actually writing the paper. Still, you sound like you can write a lot faster than I can. Writing was always difficult for me, even when it was something I wanted to write (like Tangled Web).


  8. @Wisewit: Oh... I see... Not bad the students are I must say! :P
    Yea I do!^_^ It's mostly because the teachers dictate fast and I really have to keep up because I don't like to borrow the books if I miss out something. And I mostly with the fountain pen rather than others 'cause it's doesn't pain our hands much if we write fast.


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