A Cold Rainy Day

The sky looked ominous
Yet had the heart for tears.
And so it showered its sadness,
Upon the fragile souls.
The little men scurried to their holes,
As the didn’t wish to get drenched,
In the tears of agony.
Yet I gazed back at the sky,
As it’s tiny storms reflected back in my eyes.
The petals of the night
And the creatures of the rain
Danced to its tune.
But many a being,
Hibernated in depth
As the rain pelted heavily and
Filling the air with its intoxicating breath.
The clouds led no way for the sun,
As it’s sadness was greater than the light.
The taste of the drops felt so mystical
As it hit my lips, and I was sure then that,
The coldness of grey was purely sweet.
Posted by Tharangni


  1. "The petals of the night
    And the creatures of the rain
    Danced to its tune."

    love this lines :3

    beautifully written ^_^

  2. So basically here the narrator of the poem is enjoying his/her sadness???

  3. @Ayu: thanks..^_^ I was looking out of the balcony in the rain when i saw those plants far away... and these lines got conjured up in my head! :D

    @Chocx: Thank you so much!^_^ I like your poems too! They're really nice also! :)

    @Selenium: yes.. 'her' enjoyment in the rain.. :)

  4. Beautiful,brilliant and mesmerizing as usual Schrei!
    I can't pick out any favorite lines as all of them seem equally well-written. :)
    P.S:I made a post after a long time.I guess I'm finally back :D
    I hope you have been well.

  5. Sadness can be relished too though with a tear. Your poem proves it.

  6. @Sammy: Im glad that you're back too! I'll soon be hooked to your posts as soon as Im done with my assignments! X)

    @Earth-Ling: Hehe!^_^ come across more-You'll Love it! :D

    @Shas: Thanks :)


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