55 Word Fiction:: The Valentine ♥

He gazed at the sky as he fiddled with the brown packet.
It rattled under his movements.
Just one thought revolved in his mind,
Will she accept it?
Cheeerrp”, a parrot flew to his shoulder.
Ready my love?
He asked her as she pecked the sunflower seeds in the packet
And nodded her head.

Posted by Tharangni


  1. aww..advance for valentine post eh..?

    love it..:) so sweet ^_^

    its the first time ive read you made 55 fiction :3

    looking forward for more :)

  2. @Ayu :: Hehehe Yea! :D But I hadn't written 55 fictions for a long time, so i felt like writing one! :)
    @Choco & Azzy-chan: Thank you guys!^_^
    @Sammy: hehe sure! :)

  3. nice dear...keep writing and rocking...Thanks for dropping by my side...loved your template :)

  4. 55 word fiction is difficult to pull off.

    However, seeing it's popularity, I'm thinking of trying it too :)

  5. awhh..Shoo Shweet! :)
    i liked it =]

    keep up the great work!

  6. @Chavi Mishra: Thank you!^_^ Glad you'd liked it!^_^
    @Selenium: Yea you should try it, it's so much fun!^_^
    @Moonlight: Thank you!^_^ very happy that you like it!!^_^

  7. @AYU: simple! just write like how you write a msg(50 words).. but just add +5 words! :D

  8. thanks..i will..ill study hard..^_^ dont worry x)

    btw..i love your new template and header!!!

  9. RE: Thank you so much for your comment!! (:
    I really like your blog, you're a great writer. ^__^

  10. @Candy: Hehe! :D Thank you! :) Glad you like it! :) ♥ ~


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