55 Word Fiction: A Moment's Glory

The sound of the applause appealed
To her as she made her,
Way to the podium.
She adjusted the mike
And began her speech:
Good Morning Ev-…”
When suddenly,
A gunshot rang in her ears.
She fell down.
Her heartbeats reduced.
Her vision blurred.
And she breathed her last,
At her last glorious moment.

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55 Word Fiction:: The Valentine ♥

He gazed at the sky as he fiddled with the brown packet.
It rattled under his movements.
Just one thought revolved in his mind,
Will she accept it?
Cheeerrp”, a parrot flew to his shoulder.
Ready my love?
He asked her as she pecked the sunflower seeds in the packet
And nodded her head.

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Spark something for a better 2010!

“Creative Ideas For a Better Future”
The Case of Smoking
The world’s moving on and nobody waits for anyone to move one with them. It’s up to them to catch up with the others or be left out. With the innovation of technology, people are taking things for granted and also believe that technology can find the cure. And such is a case in the health sector. Even today after various articles and newspaper reports, people continue to smoke. They believe that technology will find a cure for the lung disease. But why need a cure when you can prevent it? A research in 2006 showed that the Europeans smoked the most. ‘Idea’ had introduced the idea of walking as you talk as most of the youth have access to the mobile phones and talk a lot. This advert has arisen their conscience and now they have taken the idea of walking when they talk to keep themselves fit.
Sadly such is not the case for tobacco. The burnt tobacco inhaled can infect our lungs and this will lead severe lung infections/diseases. So the best way to prevent this is by raising an awareness, and this can be done in various way by just going up to them and telling them not to smoke. Or else pamphlets or billboards can put the defects of smoking rather than having other futile adverts.
Attempts are being made in the cyber world by making Fan pages on going against Smoking/Tobacco and spreading the need to reduce it for a healthy society. Moreover if an individual who has been smoking stops smoking and this continues to communities and even leads countries to stop smoking, then we will also be reducing the effect of global warming indirectly.
Go Innovative for raising an Awareness
AIDS, Cancer etc are some of the incurable diseases, which can only be prevented and for this every year an awareness is raised. People propagate this by going on a rally almost around the whole city holding placards and banners. But is this the only way to do it? Think creative and raising this awareness can be even more fun!
Awareness is spread online too, but that’s in the virtual world, no in the real world. Here’s one way of spreading and awareness in the fun way in the real world. Try blowing up a big balloon, not the party ones or the big ones that hang from the building, but an average one. Then write your message and sign your name and just leave the balloon to fly with a sign saying to write another message about the awareness. This balloon will fly and if another person gets this, he/she will write his/her opinion and so the message will spread in a fun way. You will never know who will get it next or where all it goes, but wherever it will go, people will get the idea of the message and spread it on.
There’s no end to creativity. It lingers in our endless imagination growing and evolving. It’s up to us to use it and create something new. So unleash your creative ideas for a better future.

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It's Just Sweeping By!!

All I do is just gape open mouthed when I think of the year which has GONE BY. Yes. I really can't believe that 2009 has gone and it's 2010 now. And that also means that my 9th grade in 'gone' and I'll have to face the 10th grade! My years of schooling co-ordinate with the years rolling by and therefore makes my grade easy to remember because it always corresponds to the year. Anyway all I can recall now is the year sweeping by and I felt the same with my 7th and 8th grades. Maybe it's like that because I remember a quote that says, "Happy moments are short-lived". And maybe all my 3 years were real happy. Well but still things have to be balanced and I did get sad and even ended up crying. But it's all of that, that makes up these wonderful memories. Anyway, I feel this year has been precious just like the year before. I mean I got so many shocking surprises this year, like when I was made the Chief Editor of our school magazine 'The Hillside News' and when I came second in the overall running race between all the section and getting real good grades in Social Science after I'd heard from the previous 9th graders the the social papers were strictly corrected and dropping my grades in English in the Ist term and so on.

In the beginning of the 9th grade I felt really sad when Navya left the class because she'd taken Sanskrit and I'd taken Hindi as my 2nd language, but soon Pratyusha came from the other class in order the maintain the balance between the classes and so I sat with her for two whole terms of full fun and joy, until ma'am changed places! :'( But I still talk with her and all though she's always absent most of the time.
And this year my birthday was really awesome to! I got a wonderful greeting card from Navya and a gift from Pratyusha, though just two days before my brother did something and changed the laptop to a USELESS Windows 7, with no speakers, no wirless and NOTHING! So I wasn't able to blog about it. Oh! and two days before only, in our school a monkey came and stole the assembly show! :D
But still, my bro did give me something 'great-astic!' for my birthday, his Mp4! Well it's a real cool one with all setting and he'd got it from his own pocket money when he was in the 10th grade. And my parents didn't get me anything so I ended up buying three books for me! :) I finished reading two of the them, though I'm lazy to read the third book because it's kind of bo-oring!
And this Christmas was really awesome too apart from the Secret Santa gift and all!
We people never celebrate christmas, but this year mom made cake because bro was coming and I kept asking mom and dad to surprise me on the Christmas morning by wrapping gifts and putting the on my room door. I never thought that they'd put it, but still they did and I accidentally discovered it when I went to my room to get a thick blanket because I was sleeping in another room and it was cold there. But I didn't open it then either. I opened it on the next day only. And guess what was in it?
There was an amazing set of small jewel boxes of various shapes and I really love having boxes like those for I consider it as a 'Treasure Box'. And I got a very cute keychain in which hung 5 cute colourful puppies (not cuter than Tomy though!) and I'm using it as my locker key's keychain! And then I got a set of glitter gel, 'cause I suddenly carve a feeling for art and so I don't know how my mom knew, but she got it! It was that awesome and the New year was the same way-AWESOME only! :)
Man that was one amazing year! :D
So now it's time I went off... phew! Got homework to do!
Talk to you later!^_^
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A Cold Rainy Day

The sky looked ominous
Yet had the heart for tears.
And so it showered its sadness,
Upon the fragile souls.
The little men scurried to their holes,
As the didn’t wish to get drenched,
In the tears of agony.
Yet I gazed back at the sky,
As it’s tiny storms reflected back in my eyes.
The petals of the night
And the creatures of the rain
Danced to its tune.
But many a being,
Hibernated in depth
As the rain pelted heavily and
Filling the air with its intoxicating breath.
The clouds led no way for the sun,
As it’s sadness was greater than the light.
The taste of the drops felt so mystical
As it hit my lips, and I was sure then that,
The coldness of grey was purely sweet.
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Green vs. GreeD

Rooted firm they’re to the ground.
With sentinel surrounded all around.
Tears they shed, but tire their move.
Words they don’t utter,
And with that an advantage, we slaughter.
Years they take to go bosky again,
But our lust bothers us the most,
As we hack them again.
These hands we use,
Are not for care
And the words we use are less fair.
Never we cared for what they gave,
With their shade and blade,
Began our survival.
And all that becomes a morsel,
Of our past as we try,
To bring down a creature of zilch,
And then should we call ourselves a human again?

bosky- wooded (Shakespeare Language)
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Free from school, But not from work!

I flung into my mom’s arms as she opened the door and I told happily, ‘Yeah! No more school!’ Then I fondled with my dog for a while and thought about the whole term! And boy was it a long one! The last break we had, was in October. So basically, 4 solid months without hols! And now that they’re on the roll for 2 weeks (10 days), man will I be in the perfect heaven! My racing thoughts stopped all of a sudden as the word ‘work’ interrupted it.
Ow man! Does school have to haunt me during the hols too???!” Mark my words and feel really hit by a cyclone guys! Our sO gReAt school has given us loads of assignments!! As if they don’t by giving heaps of it for the CBSE CCE(Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation). Logically speaking they should give us less work because they gave more days of school with work to do on those days too!
Now, I have 10 days of holidays, when I'll possibly get up early n the morning ‘cause my parents leave for work soon and it’s also the festive time.
In English, ma’am gave us a worksheet to do with all the writing skills in. Say it will take about a day or 2 to sit completely finish it.
Hindi ma’am was real generous enough to give us an assignment of writing down some 10 sentences and finding their subjects and predicates. (can complete it the day I finish english)
Math teacher gave us individual group work and my group got surface areas out of which I have to find the cylinder’s Total Surface Area and Curved Surface area by simply using some creative methods.(will take 2 days)
Science: they did give us a lot of assignments but ‘lazy me’ didn’t write them down, because I'll phone and ask it! :P (will take 2 days)
Social Studies: the project is about writing 10-15 pages about reports regarding Disaster Management.(will also take 2 days)
Remaining one day… what should I do then? Sit out and chase away the crows or what! School, should give assignments which we can do and as well as enjoy the holidays at the same time. Well as a matter of fact I don’t even think that 10 days would be sufficient to do this heap! X(



Yesterday I got up at 10.30 after the New Year eve’s party.
Yesterday I had the most scrumptious breakfast of 3 Dosas and Chutney+Sambar at 11.30.

Yesterday I was battling my wits against my mom’s creative ideas for the bathroom accessories.
Yesterday I went to a movie with my BROTHER for the first time.
Yesterday was my brother’s birthday.
Yesterday I saw Avatar movie in 3D at IMAX.
Yesterday I had no lunch at all except for a Sprite Can and Popcorn while watching Avatar.
Yesterday I found Lenka’s The Show album in the music store-but didn’t buy it.
Yesterday I went to Landmark for my bro to buy gift and buy me a book.

Yesterday I bought a gift for my bro-but he didn’t it.
Yesterday I found the best ever journal book in Landmark and I bought that.
Yesterday I had a tough time finding a gift for my bro that it was almost 7 by the time I stepped out.
Yesterday my bro was happy when he saw his gift, which I gave in home.
Yesterday mom decorated the house with curtains to give her favorite ‘Ethnic’ look.

Yesterday I had another scrumptious dinner of Pannier and Chapattis.
Yesterday I finally sat to study for the Social test (tomorrow) at 7.30.

Yesterday I took 2 hours to memrize Eco. And an hour each for History And Civics.
Yesterday I sat up studying till 12 in the night.
Yesterday night I was happy because dad said that he’d drop me in school in car and also show the school to bro.
And finally… Yesterday was a total amazing day! XD