The Closing Night

This biting cold holds behind a warm promise
All eyes look at the brightening sky
A spark of hope arises when the new sun rises
The mind – ready for new thoughts to set it
Shrivels away thoughts of the previous year
Time slips from our fingers
And makes its way for the heavenly blue
Getting ready to tick for the coming aeon.
The thundering night gives its way
When the closing night ends its play.

Today is the 31st of December 2010. In a few more hours (IST) a new year will begin. A new beginning.
Happy New Year! :)

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Time to gift my elves.

When the first snow comes
The land goes white.
My dear little friends,
'Tis time we do our right,
And in return will you all receive my gift.

I cannot believe that one year has already passed by so swiftly after I’d played the wondrous game, ‘Secret Santa’ which is truly a great souvenir for Christmas. And it all feels like it happened just yesterday. I can still remember the picture I was choosing for this post and the tiny poem I wrote for it too.
Time really does fly when you are enjoying your life.
And I am really glad that I played that game. Last year I got a gift from Deeksha. It was a laughing Buddha and a pen. Seriously. I couldn’t believe that she gave me that. And she started to act all goody goody about the gift.
But still I had to be content with what I’d received because after all it was Christmas. A time for joy.
I played it again this year too. It was twice the fun and a bit of a menace too. Thanks to Deesksha, once again.
She got the name of the one girl she hated the most in the class (because of a fight she had with her long ago) and she was like, “I’m sorry people but can we exchange the chits again. I don’t want to give this person the gift. Please let us exchange”. I wanted to tell her then and there that – “No way! You have to give that person the gift. That is the essence of Christmas. To forgive and forget.”
But let’s just say that she is one hot-headed stubborn… girl. She didn’t pay any heed to my advice and I felt like shit for wasting my time over her. So I angrily went over and re-made the chits.
I still hate her though.
And so we played again and I was so happy with the person I got!
It was Ujjwala. My bench mate. I promised myself to get her something really cute and sweet that will make her smile till galaxy’s reach and have the best gift ever this Christmas.
I hope I did though. I got her a cute white purse for her Blackberry and a Cinnamoroll plushie.
I really hope that she’ll like it! I’ll keep in her bag silently tomorrow! :D

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Fireworks blast in sky
Spreads in a dazzle of lights
Showing its colors.

This post is a response to a prompt at Haiku Heights // Self.
This is a haiku on Self and I've personified the Firework here, speaking about itself. I really love fireworks 'cause they are so pretty and colorful!

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Stories of the Past.

By Paula Morris

Rebecca couldn't feel more out of place in New Orleans, where she comes to spend the year while her dad is traveling. She's staying in a creepy old house with her Aunt Claudia, who reads Tarot cards for a living. And at the snooty prep school, a pack of filthy-rich girls treat Rebecca like she's invisible. Only gorgeous, unavailable Anton Grey seems to give Rebecca the time of day, but she wonders if he's got a hidden agenda. Then one night, in Lafayette Cemetery, Rebecca makes a friend. Sweet, mysterious Lisette is eager to talk to Rebecca, and to show her the nooks and crannies of the city.

There's just one catch.

Lisette is a ghost.

A ghost with a deep, dark secret, and a serious score to settle.

As Rebecca learns more from her ghost friend -- and as she slowly learns to trust Anton Grey -- she also uncovers startling truths about her own history. Will Rebecca be able to right the wrongs of the past, or has everything been ruined beyond repair?

It really good book worth reading. It has a really good history of the forgotten city of New Orleans which was later remembered after Hurricane Katrina hit it. After that here is one story written by the author, Paula Morris in respect to the city and the renovations it is undergoing. All in all it is an amazing book.
Ages: 13+
Publisher: Point
Author: Paula Morris.

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The end is a nostalgic dream.

The End is a nostalgic beginning.-Yosuga no Sora (ヨスガノソラ)

It’s been a while since I wrote down something like this! Also I'm really glad that I’d finished “Terror in the City” though I really wanted it to go longer. As a matter of fact I wanted to turn it into a book!

But time factor and laziness slowed me down. ._.

So I wasn’t able to extend to and I feel that I’ve finished it fastly and abruptly.

Blogs apart let me tell how my life is now.

School’s a pain/ always giving us projects and assignments with deadly deadlines! And we have to end up doing late night works too just to meet them!
But group work is fun! :) You get to know your friends even better.
And ofcourse, how can I miss the mischievous parts when I entangled my friend’s hair with thread which she wasn’t able to remove it! :D

And I’ve finally finally got a phone! :) It’s a Motorola W270 and I really love it! It’s flip and whenever I use it I feel like I'm in an anime/an anime character! :D But it lacks a camera. :(
~My Awesome Phone~

Speaking of anime, I’ve got so many to catch up! :( Like Kobato, Shugo Chara, xxxHOLiC Kei, Shuffle! and Yosuga no Sora.
But Yosuga no Sora is an anime which I started to watch this week only. But I'm still in episode two only. ._. It will take a while before I’ve finished that anime even though it’s got only 11 episodes! [ I know I suck!]

Music ~ ~ ~ la la la! I'm going K-pop! :D
Really the Koreans beat every single Japanese/English artists. Well atleast they haven’t beaten Ke$ha yet. And by the way her new song “We R Who We R” rocks!! I just can’t wait till I get to see its vid.
Super Junior, Shinee, Girls’ Generation are all carved at the place I live :) These guys are like so awesome! Their vocals, lyrics, videos, dance moves, they rock totally. Well Super Junior is the best and Shinee too! I was just seeing some music award video where Super Junior played and they were awesome! It was so “WOW”! They sang and dancd to their hits, ‘Bonamana’ and ‘Sorry Sorry!’. Shinee’s ‘Ring Ding Dong’ is uber awesome. I love the chorus and their moves. And all these guys are like super cute! :D

Not to mention the girls, Girls’ Generation (SNSD) and 2NE1 [I like just listened to them!] they rock too. 2NE1 raps real good.

And oh so many things have happened! I was going through my previous blogposts and I saw I’d done so many literary works. However I guess I'm going to slow them down a bit and write about my life for a while.

Oh and one more thing: Don’t be surprised if I’ve changed ‘cause I'm unpredictable.
I hope you like this new layout. :) It's totally entirely made by me! starting from the codes to the graphics! :D [except for the background that is. ._.]

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Terror in the City // 5

#5: Reverie

I ran. I ran as fast as I could. I knew she would catch up to me in no time. Who knows, if she could scream well, I bet she could run well too.
“Hey wait up! Stop running!”
Oh no! She is catching up to me.
I knew this was the end. I would probably be in a juvenile with thugs worse than me.

“Buzz… Buzz… Buzz”
Great! My phone had to ring now, of all time!
I flipped it open and saw that it was my mom.
Nice timing mom! Right when I'm running for my life before I could end up in a juvenile.

I hit the answer button.
And I bumped into someone as soon as I’d hit it.
I looked up and saw that it was the redhead.

My efforts were in vain for her grip was tight.
“Hey hold it! Why are you running away from me? But can you please tell me why you killed my friend?”

“I …I… Can’t tell you that. What I do belongs to me, because I have my own reasons. You have no right to know them.” I wanted to get away from her as fast as I could.

“I promise I won’t tell it to anyone”

There was a sound of reassurance in her voice. It felt like I could trust her. It felt like I could finally trust someone.

“Oo…oh…Okay. I killed your friend because I thought that he was going to harm you. In the night I can hear things. I can hear the cry of innocent people fight for their freedom from the grasp of evil - evil that they can’t handle on their own. I don’t need any GPS to pin point their location. Their desire to be free leads me to them. And then I free them.
I don’t like to see bloody kills. So, I kill them using their mind and my psychic powers to manipulate their thoughts to turn them against themselves.
Blood in mind doesn’t matter me. But blood in sight does. So I finish it off that way.”

“But do you think killing is the only way?” She asked me with a pleading look in her eyes which bore into my caged heart and ripped it open setting my wings free.

“… I don’t know”

“Killing isn’t always an option. But forgiving is. What you have is a gift. A gift to do good. Don’t bring havoc and chaos using it. It will soon control you, if you continue to do bad things with it. Use it wisely.”

I kept looking at her as her words were seeping into my mind. I didn’t know how my mind could accept all this but it did.

“Who are you? Why do I feel like I know you?”

She smiled - a slow smile. “I'm the person whom you have always wanted to be - the inner you. Wake up before its too late. Wake up for a better tomorrow.”

And she disappeared just like that. Fading into the thin air leaving me in this eerie night of revelations and truth.

I knew tomorrow was going to be different and I knew even I was different.

Tomorrow night was going to have a whole different meaning.

It's Over! :) Finally finished this long story which I'd been kinda lazy to finish! :D
Read Parts: #1 // #2 // #3 // #4

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Terror in the city // 4

#4: Conniving
I came out of my trance. I let go of the man. His body was still paralyzed with the terror seen through his eyes. He was looking at the sky and was twitching his body not knowing what was doing or what even happened. He was in a coma and would probably die in a few hours.

I turned towards my side to see what had caused that scream.

I found the redhead on the floor covering her ears and eyes tightly shut and taking in deep gasps of breath. When she noticed that I was looking at her,

“Why did you do that?!! How can you ever kill a person like that??! What you did to that poor man was truly horrifying. I don’t even think that he’d be able to come out of such a shock. I think – …”

Poor man? Excuse me lady if it hadn’t been for me you would have died in the hands of your poor man! Just be happy that I saved you from him, else you would be in the skies now!”

“I'm sorry but this poor man is actually my partner in a play at my university. We were practicing here because the backdrop was just as in the script.”

When she said that it was just a practice for a play, I went into a shock. Never had I in my whole life ever been wrong in my kills.

I didn’t know if she was telling the truth of if she was lying because what she had acted was so real.

I heard the police sirens from far. Her scream did have the pitch.

I looked at the man and prayed god that he would be alright or even what he was doing was an act too.

Probably pulling out a prank right this instant.

I didn’t wait afterwards and dashed out the labyrinth after sensing the terror in me.
To be continued...

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Forgotten Promise

In a garden full of withered roses
Old memories rush like ashes.
The River of Death flows nearby
And my heart’s swollen of cry.
Tears in this darkness seemed like elixir
An elixir that made happiness disappear.
The sky was dark and lonely
And I stood with no one beside me.
Cry – I did all day long
Standing in this sentry where I don’t belong.
Having faith in the words you said
Waiting for you to come home. Wretched,
I drench in this dark rain
Fallen for your forgotten promise in vain.

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It was time to make his move. He was wondering if it would be the right one.
He was caught up in moving the Jack against the King. The queen was the last and the last of his worries. He knew that whatever would happen she would be safe.
So he thought of taking her in. But then the thought of the whole event in his head and realized that she would change the game and advance him and also take it all to a whole new level.

He put her forward and said, “Your turn”.
“Nice move mate. However, you see I shuffled the deck and I arranged the cards in such a way that it would come to this decision. I knew you would make this move. So I had an Ace in my side. None of your Kings/Jacks can save you now.”

I gaped. I was shocked. I hadn’t realized that he’d pander himself to this extent just to win it. I couldn’t let it happen. It’s all wrong. Playing cards like this.

Suddenly my eyes set on a pair of cards stuck together. I removed them. I saw the King hiding a Joker.

So the king was worried about his queen after all. With the joker, I can win this game and turn over the tables.

I put the Joker forward.

“The game’s over mate”, I said to my reflection in the mirror.

Response to a prompt at 3WW. The words are: Advance, Pander, Shuffle.
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Terror in the city // 3

#3: The Kill
I walked close to the man. His smile broadened. This must be the best night in his life. Hitting two birds with one stone.
“Leave her alone”, I said with a hidden tone of terror in m voice, which sounded like a low growl.
“No way! Not tonight girlie, because luck seems to be on my side. And I won’t give in that easily.” He showed his golden tooth when he said ‘easily’ and that was really nauseating. This guy was pricking on my nerves.
“Fine. Have it your way. But you better know that lady luck isn’t always at your side.” He took a step back as soon as I’d said that and immediately I sent a wave of terror, which took him by surprise.
He became paralyzed and I saw the fear in his eyes.
I went close to him and started to peer deep into his eyes.
I began to connect his mind with mine and once that was done, I began to kill him. Slowly - in his mind.
I thought of gagging him and then punching him in the stomach with my knee. I even sent out a message: Better stay away from young girls you slut.
I was going to finish him by hitting his head on the concrete pavement when a scream startled me out of my psychic trance.
to be continued...

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Terror in the City // 2

#2 : The Hunt

The night was pitch black and silent. I could hear my boots hitting the pavement as I walked. The alley was cold and lonely. Any normal person would have been scared if they’d walked in here.
And I felt the fear of a recent one. Her fear was etched across the walls. She was probably looking for a way out of this endless labyrinth of streets and had ended up getting lost.
I went ahead. Far away I saw the outline of a small figure, a woman, bent down with the head looking up at a man. It looked like she was pleading or begging for mercy.
The woman looked as if she was in her early twenties. She wore a dark jean and had a dull grey shirt. Her hair was flaming red like a ruby. She was the right girl in the wrong place, probably got lost in search of a dance bar.
The man on the other hand was a slut. He was stocky one with a lot of hair. I mean really hairy. Something glistened in his mouth as the lamp-posts’ light reflected. My guess was that it might be a golden tooth.
I looked like a dark golden dust dressed in black with the blonde hair dancing to the night’s wind.
I loved this night.
I have found my prey.
To be continued...
Read: Part 1: The Freedom.

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Terror in the city // 1

#1: The Freedom
“Buzz… Buzz… Buzz…” My phone vibrated. I woke up sleepily and flipped it open to see what time it was. It read '12:00 AM'. My sleepiness disappeared instantly because I hunt my preys, in the city, at this time of the night. It has always been like this every since I left my home when I was 16.
I left because I just couldn’t bear my mom. She and her constant lectures on me being perfect, it was so sick that the very thought makes me nauseous.
I'm sure that she always saw me as a little girl back then. And I bet she does so even now.
She had me caged. She never let me out, even when my wings had spread.
She was the one who changed me from a bird to a beast. A savage beast that kills in the night.
A shrill cry pierced the night. It was the cry of an innocent soul battling its enemy. Battling for freedom.
And it will be I who will free it.
Me. Angie, the savage beast of the night. be continued 

♠ ♥ ♣ ♦

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The mind is a vast expanse in which creativity and imagination roam boundlessly.

The mind is a vast expanse in which creativity and imagination roam boundlessly.

Creativity. That’s what my mind has set on currently. Doing things which I’ve never done before and smiling at the result, I feel I want to have it more.
Right now I’ve made a colorful picture with a quote. I’ll post it later maybe.
So see you soon :)

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The effect of the fireflies lasted long. Their images were etched in her memory. The shimmer of their glow was unforgettable - the buzz of their wings in the silence of the night. Nostalgia clung to her. A tear swept through her cheeks as she thought of their nightly freedom.
Their impact on her was immense.
She was once a firefly in the golden days of the yore but had switched her body to a human for a man she loved.
Only when she hit reality did she know that the man was nothing but a picture taken long ago.
Response to a prompt at 3WW for the day 20.10.2010. The words are effect, immense, shimmer.
Sorry for not having posted all these days. I was on my trip to the north east part of India and I'll put the pics and experience in the next post.

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Rejoice in Winter

Goodbye long summer
Rejoice to your sweet sister
As smiles bring winter

This post is a response to a prompt at Haiku Heights. Prompt #11: Rejoice.
Also I've got another great news and its that, my blog has finally reached 100+ followers! :) Thank you everybody for your support and do keep reading my blog. :)

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Play the Game.

He knew tampering with the Triads would do no good. It would just draw their attention and would give them the perfect time to kill him. He was surrounded on all sides by wall. There was nowhere to go. His jet was also running on empty fuel. Fear began to engulf him. He began to sweat and the nauseating feeling of death stuck in his throat. He sensed their moves and realized they were closing in on him. Their attack was imminent and so was his defeat. He closed his eyes and suddenly, all the lights went out. It was a power-cut.
He let out a sigh in relief as his game shut before he could die.
This post is a response to a prompt for 3WW. The words are: Engulf, Imminent & Tamper.

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Day 05 - Your Dreams

Dear Dreams,

Do you have any idea of how much I think about you everyday! When I'm in the examination hall after writing the exam I just stare into nothingness thinking about you. I feel sad for other people who have transfixed their dream on one thing and try to just achieve it. I don’t blame them for anything. But I’d love to encourage them :) I have so many dreams of you :) and one important thing is that I'm not going to stick to just one thing. I want to do various things and be and live in different places. I won’t care about what others will stay that I will become unstable and won’t be able to pursue them all. I have two ears and I'll let them out from each one. I dream of many things. I dream of being a cosplayer to a fashion designer to a web designer or simply an author. Or do nothing at all and just laze around.

I want to be many! Not just one and I certainly want more.
Just you wait. I'll do and show you.

Your eternal dreamer,

I know I haven't been on the sequence, but forgive me because of my exams! From today on I won't stop till 25 days are over :)
30 Day Letter Challenge concept from here: LINK.

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Sweat dripping down nape
Lightning strikes land like devil
I crouch in the drapes.

Yay! I'm finally back! :)
Exams are over and I'm on blogger! :D
[LOL! they rhyme!] :D
But still you can read it for your own joy :) I guess this is my first non-prompt haiku then! :D But I still can't be forgiven for the silly mistake which I've done. Again.
So I really hope that the HH people will forgive me!

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Thank you Moonlight.

Sky flooded with stars
Darkness settled with the night
Thank you moon for light

Response to a prompt at Haiku Heights. Prompt #8: Appreciation.
P.S: I'll be gone on a semi-hiatus for a while because of my Summative exams which will be till September 29th.
Don't keep my blog DEAD! :D

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Betroth Me

The lapping of waves
And toes tingling in the maze
The wisp of saltiness hits my face
And the night went younger by day.

Creatures of mellow
Roamed unseen.
When a young triumphant fellow
Began cruising amongst the stars.
I saw him in awe
Riding past in no flaw.

A sudden motion triggered the land
Yet an unknown despair clung the lad.

He roamed the seven seas
In search for me
Melting the ice
And cooling the fire
Befriending the entire.

Years went by
And I waited for no good-bye.
He finally came forward
And knelt ahead
With a ring his hand.
My fair lay,
Will you betroth me?”

Lol :) This is my attempt in writing a poem about marriage! :D [don't laugh if you think its funny!]

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Visit it :)

Okay here is an humble request from my cousin. He's really interested in photography and he wishes for the world to see his clicks. He's really big. Way bigger than me. Almost going to finish his college. He loves to take pictures of anything anywhere ranging from buildings to animals and clicks with great courage. He also edits most of his works and is also a great graphic designer. Once he even created a banner/poster for his college. However his website is under construction but still, he wishes that everyone should see his photos. He has his Facebook Fanpage where his recent works have been posted. Be sure to be awed at his clicks! ;)

His name is Kamallraj Asoka.

♠ ♥ ♣ ♦

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Sad Tambourine

Entangled in pain
The melody past beauty
A sad tambourine.

Prompted at Haiku Heights. #7: Beauty

♠ ♥ ♣ ♦

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Deep Slumber

Breaking past vows
And darkening the soul
energy spurs within me
Reaching the brink of madness,
I surface towards mildness
Embracing for a deep slumber.

This post is a response to a prompt at 3WW. The words are: Break, Negative, Surface. And I'm so sorry if this is very small again! I wrote this in a hurry!

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