The Wait...

Whenever I look at you
I get lost in those dreamy eyes-
A trance from which I'll never come out
I really wish to ruffle your raven black hair too,
But they’re never real,
And so they are as mirages in my realm.
Hearing your soft voice,
Soothes my soul
And makes all the pain
Go away at once.
And that smile of yours
Makes me to smile even more.
This is what I always wish when I see you.
These are my feelings for you,
Though I wonder if you share the same too,
And for that I'll wait, till my last breath…


  1. waahh!..i feel somewhat the same! :3 sweet! :D btw..happy new year! next for stepping in my life this year! hope you'll remain in my life in 2010~! love you friend! :3

  2. its so beautiful and touching :)
    happy new year in advance dear :)

  3. @Chocx: Thanks girl!^_^
    @Ayu: Thanks!^_^ even i too feel ur poems r sweet!^_^
    @Snow: Thanks and same to you too--happy new year!^_^
    @Rushabh Gandhi: haha!^_^ No probs: Feel free!^_^

  4. OOOhhhhhhhh, nice poem! I love writing poems too about my loved person. Really great, I recognize some of these feelings. Love really is a great thing...


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