Tears For You ~ From Me...

As my head hit the pillows,
My eyes closed.
Don’t haste with thee thoughts,
For they weren’t even sleep.
But were the moist because of you.

Tears fell as I thought about you.
And the more they fell,
The more you drifted away from me.

I cried as much as I could,
But wept slowly so as not to bother the rest.
I cried the whole night,
Without your soothing hand, the whole time.

I cried so that you won’t forget me.
I cried so that you’d remember me.

I shed my tears in sadness,
‘Cause I knew that from now on,
The more I’d love you,
The more you’d hate me.



  1. hey..hey... why soo saddd?????

    cheer up gal..tears are sometimes very helpful in building the relations and maintaining them..:) dont worry..

  2. You sound like you're in some kind of a love trouble too...

    Or maybe you are parting with a really really close friend. :|

    I guess I'm getting good at interpreting poems now cause I really didn't hit any blind corners this time :D (I think... I hope)

  3. @everyone:: sometimes... i just feel my self in that type of situation and write what i feel according to that... and this time i did the same too!! im not in love or anything like that!!!


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