The Story of a Vine…

Slender and thin,
You crawl in the walls I dwell.
The way you are now,
Is because of the care I’d given you then.
Long and swirly you’ve carved your path,
With the little support you had from the start.
Twice the winged came and raised its breath,
And you protected it from harm
Until it found its earth.
Even today your sentinels guard you,
As you curl and wither day by day.
But still you cradle your seedling with care,
So that they’ll become even better
When you’re not there.
You let your vines hand in beauty
And die in mortality,
As you grow elegant with every passing minute.
People call you by trade,
But that’s not what God has made.
Your shaped symmetrical,
With the shades of lust, peace and even friendship.
No matter how much I age,
You’ll always be you-
Forever fresh and new.



  1. wanna tell u abt ur this post and also abt ut previous post..:)..

    wonderful wordings and good poems..hey how could u write soo nicely for ur age..?? u r younger i guess, no?

    any ways..hats off to u re..keep up the good work..

  2. hello! wow! nice poem again! hahah..i never thought of creating a poem for a vine.but that's nice! very nice! and so unique! keep rockin girl! and i always like your background reminded me of lulu and code geass..X3

  3. @Pramoda: Well.. yea i guess..!^_^ Our ma'am used to tell that ppl write good poem when they're alone.. so i try to find solace most of d time to write em good!! X)
    @Ayu: thankxie girl!^_^ even me too.. i actually began to write about em after i'd seen the vines in my balcony.. :)


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