Sleep: Dreams & Nightmares

This poem talks about sleep and the two doors we open when we're asleep-Dreams & Nightmares
Your hands are holding your face,
And you’re eyes are droopy.
A sweet lullaby sings in your head,
Whispering you to close your eyes.
Your chances are of vain,
As your eyes finally drop,
And you’re mind drifts far away

You then enter the realm of your imaginations,
Where your mirages are met.
Your swift as the mind’s vast
And you see everything in a split.
You’re in your own oblivion,
Where you face the light and love,
And defend the dark and sorrow.
Anything can happen in this world you rule,
Where spirits come alive in your heart’s desire.

Sometimes a wrath comes by,
And gives you an unpleasant dream.
You try and you hide,
But it’s still behind you,
As loyal as it followed you in the day.
Even though you know,
That you can never get away from it,
You’re still it’s creator-
And it’s still in your world.
‘Snap!’ You open your mind and rub your eyes,
And proceed with life - like nothing’d happened ever before.


  1. @Ayu and Chocolate lover:
    Thanks guys! ^_^ V.v.v.v happy 2 hear dat frm ya'll!^_^

  2. OK... my mind once again went Kaput at two lines

    "Where you face the light and love,
    And defend the dark and sorrow."

    I totally missed the poet's intentions here :D

    BTW, a good rendition of how a person dreams :)

  3. @Sel: Well what I'd meant by that is-
    In a dream you may dream about he one you love... and sometimes even sorrow (like loosing someone special)
    and light is the good one like a good friend.. and dark is more of a person whom you hate. and those you have to defend from yur precious ones...
    that's what i'd meant there...:)


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