Shh… I'm a Secret Santa!

I'm all in red.
With the white to snow,
I look old and fragile
But am really plumpy and happy!
I say 'Hei Ho' over Rudolph when I'm in sky.
And always drop presents for you
through your chimney.
I'm Santa Clause.

Wow! Today was so really amazing diary! I got a gift from a Secret Santa! And I shouldn’t open it today, but on 25th December I should!! So I guess I'll be waiting for Christmas’ countdown! Anyway with me telling you all this stuff about Secret Santa, I'm sure that you’d be wondering what is a Secret Santa!
Well Secret Santa is a game, which the girls of our class had played. The rules are simple. The name of all the people you’re playing with should be written in chits (small pieces of paper) and each person should take one. However you shouldn’t get your own name, even if you do you should then shuffle the shits again and pick one. And after getting the chit you shouldn’t tell anyone which person’s name you got or even ask anyone about the chit with you’re name. It has to be a complete secret. And after that you should buy a gift for that person below Rs. 50/- and keep it in his/her bag when he/she is not in the class – without their knowledge. And when they open their bags a big surprise will await them and who-so-ever was their secret Santa ought to be trying hard to hide away the smile of happiness! Oh! And by the way diary you also have to be clever to not to slip out any clues like showing your gift or anything bleak, which could give the game away!
Fun right? ^_^ Anyway the girl to whom I’d to give the gift today, was absent so I couldn’t. But still, I was happy when I got mine!! ^_^


  1. haha..i remember we have that game during our elementary days here in my country..its called "Bonito, Bonita" and the game is the same...we give per day something sweet,, something long depending of what the teacher decided us to give..its exciting coz you shouldn't get 'caught' (i mean no one should find out who you are giving gifts)until the Christmas party comes..the revelation day...ayeeh.merry Christmas!

  2. @Ayu: I'm really glad that this post has conjured up your memories!^_^
    I too hope to see n hea more of 'em!^_^
    @Chocolate Lover: Yea I know!^_^ You too should try this out at your school!^_^ Bet you'll have loads of fun!^_^

  3. we too played this game dear :)congrats for ur gift :)

  4. Interesting game .. M allowed in ? :P

    And what gift is in store for me?? :D
    Haven't seen you on my blog for long !! :|

    marry Christmas :)

  5. Nice Blog.. Pl do visit my blog..

  6. @Snow White: WOw!^_^ SO did u open ur gift in the 25th or b4 that? i opened it b4 that cuz my frnz forced me too!!^_^ but the gift was nice too!^_^
    @Sourav: Yea U sure bet! XD
    @Vijay: Yea.. i'd already seen ur blog.. a good one it is i must say!! X)


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