The Mansion

All around you,
Everything was dark and eerie.
The streets were silent,
And the trees didn’t sway.
Nothing happened until,
The moon made its way.

At once the gates opened,
And an archway of roses and thorns-
Aged over time,
Brightened the way.

Along your path,
Everything lay dead.
Yet, I seemed to be the only soul,
Making my way ahead.

All over you were intricate patterns
Of sadness, anger and raging fights.
They made my stomach lurch,
And my sight to hurt.

Hope fled and fear clung,
When I saw the tall portraits,
Glaring down at me.
Their eyes were blood-shot,
And their faces were grim,
Which showed how great,
Your owners were at once.

Your fireplace was chocked with ashes,
And your mantelpiece was rusty.
Your stairs creaked with might,
And the ticking clock seemed far away.

Though your backyard was lively,
And showed signs of life,
Everything looked so mystical in the moonlight,
As the sweet jasmine scent filled the night.

As I closed my eyes to take it all in,
I went back in time,
And saw your whole history-
In the sunshine you were the glory,
And in the night you were the doom.

And when I opened my eyes,
I realized that I’d released you from the curse,
Which had befallen over you,
Thousands of years ago.

Minutes went by…
And everything looked different.
The whole place shimmered with fireflies.
And I realized that the souls,
Of your brethren were at peace at last.



  1. Good as expected.

    Yet again this guy right here had the second last para go over his head. (Which from my POV is a good thing ^^ )

    Did you release the curse by opening the gate to the mansion or did you release the curse by imagining it in it's prime?

  2. @Selenium
    well, I released it when i saw it's whole history... never had there been a visitor who had thought of it so precisely, and remember the lines..
    Along your path,
    Everything lay dead.
    Yet, I seemed to be the only soul,
    Making my way ahead.

    the mansion was testing me... so when it realized that i was diff. it was relieved--and only such a person can lift the curse--so it showed me all it's glory an doom when i'd closed my eyes before freeing itself.

  3. How do you come up with such ideas...
    Wonderful! ^_^

  4. @G: Well our english ma'am had given us a project to do on submitting poems. So i thought that i'd write one on my own. And then I was stuck up figuring what to write. All I was able to think was of skies and nature, and i really didn't want that because, I'd written so many poems on that only. So i thought of the stories I read, and then a 'haunted' idea of a poem came, and the mansion popped!^_^


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