Thinking of that place fills me with joy.
Basking in the hot sun,
With a lemonade to sip by,
Reminds me of all the never-ending joy!

Clearing the stables
And feeding the ducks
And watching them squabble over the feed,
Makes me to sit and gaze at them all day long!

No one can miss the fun part though!
Walking in the long fields of heather
Without anyone around
And the atmosphere serine,
With not a single crow crowing-
It’s just the perfect place for me!

And of course! The Family!
It’s always fun loving and happy!
Having supper together,
And chatting about the countryside.
It all feels just like one place
Where people’d love to go and live…

I really wish that my home was in the countryside. It'd be so much fun! I get to be in total sync with nature and I really love that! I really like the farms and the long grasslands. In this poem I've pictured myself in some far-off farm in Europe-where most of Enid Blyton's 'farm related stories' were written. And I like Enid Blyton too!^_^


    that was really beautiful :)

  2. i wish you the best and hope your dream will come true one day.. excellently done yaar..:)

    happy christmas..

  3. @Chocolate: Thankie!^_^ And same to you to!^_^
    @Pramoda: Yea!^_^ I really wish i could-but my imagination is a free ticket! XD
    @Azeron:Thanks buddy!^_^

  4. oh..i see...Xd well your poem makes me imagine our aunt's home at the province..kinda missed them..haha..in our province, there are so many wide grasslands as in full of greens and fresh air with cows and chickens! a heaven to us! haha..merry Christmas! :3

  5. @Ayu: Wow! lucky you! You can live in a place like that! man i envy u for that! X(


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