Dew and Tears

The fog hung like a heavy curtain,
Blinding ones' view of the fresh garden in the morning.
Not a single sound was noted,
Except for the crickets’ and grasshoppers.
Rest of the nature was yet to awake,
To see the whole new world once again.
The dampened grass made an impression
As I plodded on it.
Walking in that blur silence,
Cleared my mind and filled my heart with joy.
But still, I hadn’t reached my destination.
As the rays pierced the horizon,
I stood still to capture the beauty of it.
The sight was worth a billion,
As nature had sprung up with,
Another of its manifestations,
Leaving me to gape in awe.
The fog vaporized and everything crystallized.
But the little dewdrops still clung on,
And as they hung from a spider’s web-
It looked like a priceless diamond necklace,
In God’s garden of dew.
The wind rustled amongst the leaves,
And the dew fell.
As I strained to hear their sound,
It felt like the tears of a hound,
Whose blood and fangs were ripped apart,
In the battle for brotherhood.


  1. wow..really nice..X3 i can visualize what your poem is talking about..Xd

  2. @Ayu: Yea almost all the poems i write.. i visualize them... :)
    @Sel: hehe..^_^ Thnaks.. i thot that this poem was one of worst pieces!!!


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