The Wait...

Whenever I look at you
I get lost in those dreamy eyes-
A trance from which I'll never come out
I really wish to ruffle your raven black hair too,
But they’re never real,
And so they are as mirages in my realm.
Hearing your soft voice,
Soothes my soul
And makes all the pain
Go away at once.
And that smile of yours
Makes me to smile even more.
This is what I always wish when I see you.
These are my feelings for you,
Though I wonder if you share the same too,
And for that I'll wait, till my last breath…


Thinking of that place fills me with joy.
Basking in the hot sun,
With a lemonade to sip by,
Reminds me of all the never-ending joy!

Clearing the stables
And feeding the ducks
And watching them squabble over the feed,
Makes me to sit and gaze at them all day long!

No one can miss the fun part though!
Walking in the long fields of heather
Without anyone around
And the atmosphere serine,
With not a single crow crowing-
It’s just the perfect place for me!

And of course! The Family!
It’s always fun loving and happy!
Having supper together,
And chatting about the countryside.
It all feels just like one place
Where people’d love to go and live…

I really wish that my home was in the countryside. It'd be so much fun! I get to be in total sync with nature and I really love that! I really like the farms and the long grasslands. In this poem I've pictured myself in some far-off farm in Europe-where most of Enid Blyton's 'farm related stories' were written. And I like Enid Blyton too!^_^

Friends Again?

The day was sunny
But my face looked gloomy
Saddened from yesterday’s tears,
Of what you’d done before.
They say to move on
And forget about the past.
But no matter how much I’d tried,
I couldn’t erase you from my veins.
All the days I’d spent with you,
And all the smiles we shared.
I know that I’d hurt you
And you know I hate to see you torn apart.
I don’t want to be your stalker,
But yes, I’d love to be your friend again…

Christmas Moon Magic

It was Christmas’ eve
And I was strolling in the garden.
Everything looked at peace,
Except for a winter’s plant.
Though it should have bloomed long ago,
And should’ve filled my heart with joy,
It never did.
I knelt down towards it
And whistled a soft sad tune,
Hoping that it would revive it.
But it remained rooted
With all leaves and an unveiled bud.
I sighed and looked up at the night sky.
The moon seemed strangely bright that day
And I joined my hands and made a wish-
‘Rather than presents for this Christmas,
Can you please bloom this bud,
Once and for all?’
I left with the silvery light
Pouring all over the garden and the unraveled.
The next day was Christmas.
I hurried to the garden
Hoping that what I’d wished for
Wouldn’t have happened,
Because there’s never such a thing as moon magic.
And that was before I saw the plant.
And then I believed in it.
For in place of the bud,
A violet flower had bloomed.
And my heart missed a beat as I saw it.
Then I looked up at the dawned sky
Where the moon had made my wish the other night.

Shh… I'm a Secret Santa!

I'm all in red.
With the white to snow,
I look old and fragile
But am really plumpy and happy!
I say 'Hei Ho' over Rudolph when I'm in sky.
And always drop presents for you
through your chimney.
I'm Santa Clause.

Wow! Today was so really amazing diary! I got a gift from a Secret Santa! And I shouldn’t open it today, but on 25th December I should!! So I guess I'll be waiting for Christmas’ countdown! Anyway with me telling you all this stuff about Secret Santa, I'm sure that you’d be wondering what is a Secret Santa!
Well Secret Santa is a game, which the girls of our class had played. The rules are simple. The name of all the people you’re playing with should be written in chits (small pieces of paper) and each person should take one. However you shouldn’t get your own name, even if you do you should then shuffle the shits again and pick one. And after getting the chit you shouldn’t tell anyone which person’s name you got or even ask anyone about the chit with you’re name. It has to be a complete secret. And after that you should buy a gift for that person below Rs. 50/- and keep it in his/her bag when he/she is not in the class – without their knowledge. And when they open their bags a big surprise will await them and who-so-ever was their secret Santa ought to be trying hard to hide away the smile of happiness! Oh! And by the way diary you also have to be clever to not to slip out any clues like showing your gift or anything bleak, which could give the game away!
Fun right? ^_^ Anyway the girl to whom I’d to give the gift today, was absent so I couldn’t. But still, I was happy when I got mine!! ^_^

Tears For You ~ From Me...

As my head hit the pillows,
My eyes closed.
Don’t haste with thee thoughts,
For they weren’t even sleep.
But were the moist because of you.

Tears fell as I thought about you.
And the more they fell,
The more you drifted away from me.

I cried as much as I could,
But wept slowly so as not to bother the rest.
I cried the whole night,
Without your soothing hand, the whole time.

I cried so that you won’t forget me.
I cried so that you’d remember me.

I shed my tears in sadness,
‘Cause I knew that from now on,
The more I’d love you,
The more you’d hate me.


The Story of a Vine…

Slender and thin,
You crawl in the walls I dwell.
The way you are now,
Is because of the care I’d given you then.
Long and swirly you’ve carved your path,
With the little support you had from the start.
Twice the winged came and raised its breath,
And you protected it from harm
Until it found its earth.
Even today your sentinels guard you,
As you curl and wither day by day.
But still you cradle your seedling with care,
So that they’ll become even better
When you’re not there.
You let your vines hand in beauty
And die in mortality,
As you grow elegant with every passing minute.
People call you by trade,
But that’s not what God has made.
Your shaped symmetrical,
With the shades of lust, peace and even friendship.
No matter how much I age,
You’ll always be you-
Forever fresh and new.


Dew and Tears

The fog hung like a heavy curtain,
Blinding ones' view of the fresh garden in the morning.
Not a single sound was noted,
Except for the crickets’ and grasshoppers.
Rest of the nature was yet to awake,
To see the whole new world once again.
The dampened grass made an impression
As I plodded on it.
Walking in that blur silence,
Cleared my mind and filled my heart with joy.
But still, I hadn’t reached my destination.
As the rays pierced the horizon,
I stood still to capture the beauty of it.
The sight was worth a billion,
As nature had sprung up with,
Another of its manifestations,
Leaving me to gape in awe.
The fog vaporized and everything crystallized.
But the little dewdrops still clung on,
And as they hung from a spider’s web-
It looked like a priceless diamond necklace,
In God’s garden of dew.
The wind rustled amongst the leaves,
And the dew fell.
As I strained to hear their sound,
It felt like the tears of a hound,
Whose blood and fangs were ripped apart,
In the battle for brotherhood.

Sleep: Dreams & Nightmares

This poem talks about sleep and the two doors we open when we're asleep-Dreams & Nightmares
Your hands are holding your face,
And you’re eyes are droopy.
A sweet lullaby sings in your head,
Whispering you to close your eyes.
Your chances are of vain,
As your eyes finally drop,
And you’re mind drifts far away

You then enter the realm of your imaginations,
Where your mirages are met.
Your swift as the mind’s vast
And you see everything in a split.
You’re in your own oblivion,
Where you face the light and love,
And defend the dark and sorrow.
Anything can happen in this world you rule,
Where spirits come alive in your heart’s desire.

Sometimes a wrath comes by,
And gives you an unpleasant dream.
You try and you hide,
But it’s still behind you,
As loyal as it followed you in the day.
Even though you know,
That you can never get away from it,
You’re still it’s creator-
And it’s still in your world.
‘Snap!’ You open your mind and rub your eyes,
And proceed with life - like nothing’d happened ever before.

The Mansion

All around you,
Everything was dark and eerie.
The streets were silent,
And the trees didn’t sway.
Nothing happened until,
The moon made its way.

At once the gates opened,
And an archway of roses and thorns-
Aged over time,
Brightened the way.

Along your path,
Everything lay dead.
Yet, I seemed to be the only soul,
Making my way ahead.

All over you were intricate patterns
Of sadness, anger and raging fights.
They made my stomach lurch,
And my sight to hurt.

Hope fled and fear clung,
When I saw the tall portraits,
Glaring down at me.
Their eyes were blood-shot,
And their faces were grim,
Which showed how great,
Your owners were at once.

Your fireplace was chocked with ashes,
And your mantelpiece was rusty.
Your stairs creaked with might,
And the ticking clock seemed far away.

Though your backyard was lively,
And showed signs of life,
Everything looked so mystical in the moonlight,
As the sweet jasmine scent filled the night.

As I closed my eyes to take it all in,
I went back in time,
And saw your whole history-
In the sunshine you were the glory,
And in the night you were the doom.

And when I opened my eyes,
I realized that I’d released you from the curse,
Which had befallen over you,
Thousands of years ago.

Minutes went by…
And everything looked different.
The whole place shimmered with fireflies.
And I realized that the souls,
Of your brethren were at peace at last.