Silence Of The Breaking Dawn

Sitting beside the river bank
Before the golden rays pierce the horizon
I sigh in happiness and relief
For nothing’s been more breathtaking than this.
The mist hangs like the oblivion
Dampening a spider’s web
And forming a necklace of dew.
All around it’s silent and eerie
With no soul to be seen for an eye’s view.
I ponder silently
For there is no one with me
To view this magnificent site
As I sit alone.
All my sadness drown away
When I see the sun making it’s way.



  1. hey tharangni,
    its reallly beautiful..
    loved it alot..
    really sweet dear..

  2. i wonder what it will be to see aura straight up..and does schrei have any meaning at all??and can you please keep the auto play option on the player off??free

  3. @Chocolate lover: Thanks girl!^_^
    @Soin: Well Schrei means 'scream' in german... it's a song title by tokio hotel..
    @Ranjith: hehe Thanks a bunch man! XD


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