The Rainbow

The sky was grey with clouds,
That hung heavy and dark up above.
Their droplets gushed through the abandon,
And formed a thin blue ribbon.

A golden beam peeped through the grey,
And made it’s way.
At once the beam and droplet met,
No one ever knew what happened next.

But in their détente*
Sprang out an arch,
That spread over the sky,
With seven magnificent colors
That met everyone’s eye.

But when the rain gave up
And the sun shone
All the colorful tones
Vanished in a trice.

* détente: [day-tahnt] – An easing of tension between two nations.



  1. beautiful dear.. loved it :)
    byee take care

  2. hi Tharangni...

    soo sweet way of describing the rainbow..wonderful attempt dear..keep going..:)

  3. @C.lover and Prams: Thanks a lot guys! And yea, i will keep doing my best at poems! :)

  4. That was nice written :)
    Am just curious, what location do you choose to sit down to write these poems?

  5. well.... Actually in the school.. or mostly to wile away my study time... or just in the laptop.. with thoughts flowing.. :)


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