A New Beginning...

The night was cold and bitter.
The frost bit my fingers.
I felt so cold and numb,
And I knew that I was totally paralyzed.

The wraps didn’t protect me,
And my eyes just wouldn’t close.
My lashes were frozen,
My cheeks lifeless;
And my dreams were hit by a blizzard.
I tried hard, but I lay dead.

Slowly the skies cleared,
And a golden light filled the grey.
Everything felt warm and nice.
My wraps boiled,
And my lashes battered.
My cheeks were rosy,
And my body moved.

My dreams hibernated,
Till the silvery light arose.
Unlike the vampire
I left the shades,
And rejoiced the heavenly
Light descending over me.

The chirping of the birds,
The unraveling of the leaves,
The snore of the nocturnal,
And the movement of the waves,
All gave the perfect image of
A New Beginning …



  1. am trying to leav my shade behind for a new beginning as well...its tuf and sick :( !! nice write...very very nic..cya around

  2. @HaRy: i really hope you turn to a new leaf..and all d best for ur hardwork fr dat! :)

  3. O_o...
    This is indeed Unique.
    Though right now I'm still trying to figure out just "whose" point of view was this about???

  4. hey dear..
    its really so so beautiful..loved it alot. :)))

  5. @Chocolate lover: well... thanks!^_^ and am glad you like it!^_^

    @Selenium: Well this was all about me.. you see the thing is that i woke up one Sunday morning feeling very very cold.(..the wraps didn't protect me)... and so i went to the sunny balcony. and there for the first time i embraced the sun, 'coz it was taking the chillness away from me, and i felt really warm and happy. then i strained my self to hear the birds chirping.. and the swaying of trees. and then at once i felt like writing a poem, and the lines deliberately came to my head. so that's my point of view!^_^


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