Life’s Sadness

Such a sad thing this is,
This feeling of loneliness.
Being abandoned by the ones we cared,
All just for the little fight we had.
At once that red string is cut,
And hopelessly we roam lonely.
Searching for that friendship of the past,
We wish to see the same in our path.
But Fate has her own play,
And diminishes such a cast.
Accepting her decision, we search for a different,
And succeed in nothing.
When all hope is lost,
A thought for the past lingers by.
A quote that made us cry
For the first time, even though we didn’t try.
Happy moments are short lived”.
And then we realize that,
Our happy moments had lived and past by.



  1. ah..on his birthday..? hmm..i dunno..(i guess you should read the other journal entries i had..look at the conquest side there [<---]so that you'll have the idea who i am talking about..that know him..)^_^

  2. @ Ayu: Yo! sure i'll check that out! ^_^
    @Chocolate Lover: thanks girl...^_^ glad u liked it!^_^

  3. oh..he wasnt great or something..and he never will be like that >_< you should read the an ended reveals the saddest part..and you will know who's that guy..

  4. @Ayu: yea sure.. ur guy seems to be getting real mysterious! XD

  5. Sometimes I get that repulsive feeling, but somehow, those sometimes, I'm never able to think about Happy Moments... I guess I ain't optimistic... *sigh*

  6. @Selenium: Well thing about.......someone u really care and what u'd do to help em and slowly u'll bcum optimistic!^^


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