Clouds Of The Sky

Oh! My dear clouds of the sky
How dreamy and wonderful you are
When looked upon.
You’re the unpredictable shape shifter of the sky
That always catches my eye.
You’re the shelter for many a thing,
Souls, stars and all the biggie things.
You carry the wind, rain, snow and sunshine
For a whole year along.
Your wind blows the maple leaves,
Your rain, washes away the guilt,
Your snow is the pearl of the land
And your sunshine is the sparkling stone.
Never had I seen anything blue
No, not even the forget-me-knots can match you
For your one of a kind.
Your vast like the never-ending time
And nothing can be more mesmerizing than you!



  1. hey dear its really beautiful :)
    there's lots of innocence in your poem.. loved it
    take care

  2. Nice one dear :)loved it :)yes i could also see lot of innocence..:)


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