Big Blue Sea

I flow beyond time
Age and sacrifice are lest suffice.
My surface sparkles in the light
And is the doom in the night.
I harbor the sharp canines
That pierces through the fragile
In the heavy dew.
My sound is booming
But it’s very pleasing for you.
I shake the land
And bring down the strong mounts
Sometimes I swallow in masses
And sometimes I create new.
But you can never know
What I will do next,
Because I'm the unpredictable big blue sea.



  1. You are going good in this aren't ya?
    That was dainty...:)

  2. @Ranjith: hehe!^_^ Yea.. Well to be precise, I'm trying to perfect my poetry skills to write long ones and submit for my English Assignment.
    By pasting the poems here I get reviews of my writing skill.. so yea..^_^

  3. hello..thanks for commenting on my blog..anyway..i wanna join your community of bloggers..coz im still new in making blogs..^_^ thanks..

  4. @Ayu: Yea sure!^_^ Would be my gr8st pleasure!^_^


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