How My First Tooth Fell

The Following Post is a Guest Post for Guria's Blog.

Everyone likes to share their experiences as well as their past. And I love to do so too! ^_^
I don’t know why, but I always seem to remember the things that always happen first. As a matter of fact I even remember how my first tooth fell, and how my second tooth fell too! Here’s what happened.

The day when it fell was a Sunday. I was in (Place Private). My mom was dying her hair and I was in the second grade (2002). I don’t remember the date though and I don’t know whether my dad was at home or whether he was on a tour. Anyway, I was drawing a picture, which I called it the ‘kids ship’, (those days I loved to draw and color) though I don’t know where it is now. But I think maybe my mom might know where it is. I was sitting in the diwan and I was coloring that picture. I used go to the washbasin mirror from time to time, to check on my tooth. I used to stand on my toes to see the teeth in the mirror because I wasn’t tall enough to see it ‘simply’. And at the same time, when I used to color the picture I used to shake that ‘going to fall’ teeth with my tongue, so that I can get it quickly as I was the only girl in the class whose first tooth still hadn’t fallen! And the suddenly when I was coloring and shaking that teeth, it broke! I rushed to the basin and asked my mom to move aside and then I took out my first tooth! :D It was an incisor (from the down) and I rinsed my mouth thoroughly to get the blood out of my mouth. Then my mom asked me to tell ‘Fish’. I said it. But the syllable ‘sh’ was pronounced as ‘shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ with a slight whistle. So on the whole I said fish as ‘fishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’, with a slight whistle. And that was also the first time I whistled.
And want to know how my second tooth fell? Well I don’t know the day or date or time or even which class, but it fell when I was sleeping in the night! :D And when I woke up the next day, another incisor gap was there next to my first gap and the I realized that I must have swallowed that tooth in my sleep. Funny right? XD


A New Beginning...

The night was cold and bitter.
The frost bit my fingers.
I felt so cold and numb,
And I knew that I was totally paralyzed.

The wraps didn’t protect me,
And my eyes just wouldn’t close.
My lashes were frozen,
My cheeks lifeless;
And my dreams were hit by a blizzard.
I tried hard, but I lay dead.

Slowly the skies cleared,
And a golden light filled the grey.
Everything felt warm and nice.
My wraps boiled,
And my lashes battered.
My cheeks were rosy,
And my body moved.

My dreams hibernated,
Till the silvery light arose.
Unlike the vampire
I left the shades,
And rejoiced the heavenly
Light descending over me.

The chirping of the birds,
The unraveling of the leaves,
The snore of the nocturnal,
And the movement of the waves,
All gave the perfect image of
A New Beginning …


Life’s Sadness

Such a sad thing this is,
This feeling of loneliness.
Being abandoned by the ones we cared,
All just for the little fight we had.
At once that red string is cut,
And hopelessly we roam lonely.
Searching for that friendship of the past,
We wish to see the same in our path.
But Fate has her own play,
And diminishes such a cast.
Accepting her decision, we search for a different,
And succeed in nothing.
When all hope is lost,
A thought for the past lingers by.
A quote that made us cry
For the first time, even though we didn’t try.
Happy moments are short lived”.
And then we realize that,
Our happy moments had lived and past by.


The Rainbow

The sky was grey with clouds,
That hung heavy and dark up above.
Their droplets gushed through the abandon,
And formed a thin blue ribbon.

A golden beam peeped through the grey,
And made it’s way.
At once the beam and droplet met,
No one ever knew what happened next.

But in their détente*
Sprang out an arch,
That spread over the sky,
With seven magnificent colors
That met everyone’s eye.

But when the rain gave up
And the sun shone
All the colorful tones
Vanished in a trice.

* détente: [day-tahnt] – An easing of tension between two nations.


Big Blue Sea

I flow beyond time
Age and sacrifice are lest suffice.
My surface sparkles in the light
And is the doom in the night.
I harbor the sharp canines
That pierces through the fragile
In the heavy dew.
My sound is booming
But it’s very pleasing for you.
I shake the land
And bring down the strong mounts
Sometimes I swallow in masses
And sometimes I create new.
But you can never know
What I will do next,
Because I'm the unpredictable big blue sea.


My Very First!!

Phew! I finally got Ps, though it's a trial version and is only for 30 days. But still! I got it! Anyway, here's my very first Ps Work! ^_^
Ok, I want you all to find me even something more. In this picture, there is something very very popular and I want to guys to notice, what it is.
P.S: I know the work is bad, but it's my first one and I tell you, it will get even better! :)


Damn the City!

The other day I went out with my mom to buy a present for dad. Usually I never go out and never observe. But today was different, I just started to open my eyes and look around and found some real irritating and sick sights!

First off my mom kind of didn’t know the address of Croma, so we got of at a place a bit far from that and had to cross roads when, there was a zebra crossing. And the sick part here is that, there was a barricade covering the other end, disabling us to cross the road. If this is the case then why the zebra crossing!

Nothing wired was there at the Croma shop. Though, it was the roads and the hawkers that was sick! Then I had to buy some stationary items like pen and other stuff, so my mom and I entered the shop. The keeper was really irritating because, after every order he took he went off to some other customers and took their WHOLE orders while ours was just like 50-50!
Later in that same shop another big show-off man came and looked in a hurry. So he got some stuff for Rs.615/- and was bargaining the amount for that! I mean I’d never seen anyone bargain at a stationary shop for that! The shopkeeper said he’s lease the amount for 575. But that haughty guy just threw a 500-rupee note and he started to walk off! I was like- What the HELL!!! He Crazy-Lunatic or what! But the shop keeper again bargained and got 550! I was so pissed off and irritated that I didn’t even hear my mom calling out for me to go!
Man sometimes, cities can be such a pain in the neck too!!! X((


Clouds Of The Sky

Oh! My dear clouds of the sky
How dreamy and wonderful you are
When looked upon.
You’re the unpredictable shape shifter of the sky
That always catches my eye.
You’re the shelter for many a thing,
Souls, stars and all the biggie things.
You carry the wind, rain, snow and sunshine
For a whole year along.
Your wind blows the maple leaves,
Your rain, washes away the guilt,
Your snow is the pearl of the land
And your sunshine is the sparkling stone.
Never had I seen anything blue
No, not even the forget-me-knots can match you
For your one of a kind.
Your vast like the never-ending time
And nothing can be more mesmerizing than you!


Silence Of The Breaking Dawn

Sitting beside the river bank
Before the golden rays pierce the horizon
I sigh in happiness and relief
For nothing’s been more breathtaking than this.
The mist hangs like the oblivion
Dampening a spider’s web
And forming a necklace of dew.
All around it’s silent and eerie
With no soul to be seen for an eye’s view.
I ponder silently
For there is no one with me
To view this magnificent site
As I sit alone.
All my sadness drown away
When I see the sun making it’s way.