Without The Moon

This is so nice
For there’s been nothing
Like this in my life
With stars shining
And clouds moving
But all of this is without
The sight of moonlight
The stars twinkle
Like the idea of the simple
Thought of living peacefully
Amongst the nightlings* longingly
And believing in our dreams
But all of this is without
The sight of moonlight…

*Nightling(s): Nightlings are the creatures of the night and they rule by the night. They serve the kai lord. In the past nightlings and humans used to live in harmony. But after the war between them, the idea of living peacefully is just a mirage.

P.S: I first wrote this poem, i.e. the first seven lines when I was in the 6th grade. I found the book in which I wrote this poem and I just finished the poem! ^_^


  1. HI Sweetyy..

    6th standard poem...lovelyyyy i must stressss...

    Loved it dear..:)..hey by the way, whats ur name?

  2. your blog is getting better and better :)

  3. @Pramoda:
    hehe thanks!^_^
    i was actually out in the night as i wrote it down..

  4. hi dear,
    beautiful poem..yes i agree with pramoda..wrote first few lines when u were in 6th std..great :)

  5. @Snow White: Yea.. i wrote em then only...
    n when i saw it a few days back i thought that the poem was a little bit small, so i lengthened it! :)


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