The Velvet Casket...

Sorry about posting late guys. I didn't get the net connection for a while. Anyway this is another entry from my Diary! :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009
Today morning my brother came form Chennai to stay here during his study holidays. He had to go to Chennai to study in college. Over there he stays in a hostel. When he came back here there was no difference. He came, played with dog for a while, watched Hancock as he had his breakfast and then he went back to his same old college days-sat in the computer. Even as I type now he is sitting there and is browsing the net. Anyway since our family is the only one staying away form all the relatives in Chennai and whenever any of them come here, they’ll come with gifts for all of us.

And this time when my bro came from there, I got the Velvet Casket. It’s a real masterpiece. It was velvety all over and had a silky base and its insides were silky too. It was sealed with a golden thread around its ‘button’. It’s one of all the best caskets I ever have! It is black and has a big elephant carnated with glitters and beads. When opened it gives you the feeling of a royal person. Inside it’s filled with ‘jewels*’, very precious ones too. Right now inside it there are three things, three very beautiful and dazzling things. And all these I got from I cousins in Chennai and I thank then very much for it! :) Well from my uncle I got a stunning blue-jeweled and blue-studded key chain in the form of a tiny purse. Then my aunt gave me two other things. A green beaded bracelet with silver rings between every alternate bead and a silver chain with a dollar studded with gold and white stones. All of them in it were a real sight! That casket is going to be my treasure box with all my goodies in it! :)

*Jewels: See the pictures, plus the box is getting filled up with more n more 'precious-ies'


  1. Hey..That was a sweet post abt the treasurable gift..Its looking nice in the pic..

    and its all pleasure to know abt ur relatives and the given gifts..Enjoy with them..:)

    Keep expressing..

  2. Hey that's a different kind of gift.Your bro is awesome!I hope you thanked him a bunch. :)

  3. Lovely gifts girl and a great brother ... and yeah congrats for the guitar as well :)

  4. @Sam & Sourav:Thanks... well um when my bro came actually my relatives gave those gifts to me... :P

  5. you must be happy then:-) Good to see the comment for embedded her...easy to comment...

  6. @Ranjith: hehe.. thanks^_^
    happy ur glad with the embedding! :)


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