Tears of a Devil

This is a short story that I've written after a REAL conversation.
‘Ring! Ring’ the phone rang and mom answered it.
‘Hello!’ she said.
‘I want to speak with father’, replied my brother.
My mom was wondering what was up as she gave the phone to dad. I was studying and at the same time listening to the conversation over the phone.
‘What is it?’ dad asked finally.
‘I don’t want to stay here’ he replied.
‘I don’t like the hostel! There’s no computer and even cell phones’ are not allowed!’
‘Well you will go to your cousins’ place in the weekends right? You can use the computer there. Now don’t cry!’

He had cried! And that too for missing the computer and cell!
I was smiling.
He is so attached to them, that he’s weeping for them now!
“How stupid!” I thought.
Then I thought of the past. When he used to stay with us.
He used to get work out of me the whole time.
He used to hit me and man how was he addicted to the materialistic world! -LIKE HELL!
He used to hit me like he was the devil.
Then I laughed for,
The devil had finally cried.
The conversation continued and he was still complaining.
‘The room’s so congested dad and instead of 4 roomies there are 5! How do you possibly think that I can live here! I want to come to Hyderabad!
‘No son, you can’t come here. Your admission is eligible only in Tamil Nadu not here. And don’t worry they’ll soon make 4 roomies after the other kid gets his room.’
‘But I don’t want to stay! They give too much of writing work and it’s all so hard!’
‘I think you feel like that because when you were here you didn’t have much writing to do. You’ll soon get used to it’
‘They’re not allowing computers or cell phones!’
‘Do you want a laptop then?’
‘No! but there’s no one here to talk with! I mean allowing family members in the campus is a very strict rule’!
‘You have the phone in your hostel room right? Well, talk to your friends and cousins’ through that as much as you want. I'll pay the bills ok?’
‘Ok’ he replied, still crying.
And when it ended my mom tried her best to make him feel better.
I thought of him crying, and then continued with my studies.


  1. DOn't you miss him???
    Its nice having siblings around just for fighting you know.. great timepass :) :) Hope your brother is doing better now...

  2. Aww....your poor bro!Don't you miss him?

  3. what a worst sissy.. all of us guys who move from city to some unknown shit hole of a hostel have the same problems..to cry for that all is comedy..free

  4. Yeah, agreeing with your readers.. A brother can be missed too.. coz its fun having a sibling :)

  5. @Priya, Sammy, Quin, leo---well i do miss him---a lilllleee bit>>mostly because he can't have the fun im having now...
    @soin--> and im not a worst sister!!! my bro likes my food and he misses it!!! X(

  6. Hi girl!
    My very first time here!
    I loved the way you wrote this article. U compare your bro to a devil? Even i thought so, but once he left home for his job, I started missing him a lot!

  7. @Shruto: First off, i hope u like this blog.
    second i do miss him a litllllllle bit. mostly u can say that he misses me-well my cooking to be frank... :D


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