Lights on!

Lights on for it's BLASTING TIME! It's Diwali! Diwali is known as the festival of lights. It's the celebration of the return of Rama from Lanka, after defeating Ravana. It is the victory of good over evil. And so to dispel the darkness of the night, people light the night with diyas and bonfires.
And the neighbors and relatives greet each other and give sweets.
>>>>@-#$^&?<<<< Woah! Wait You guys think I'm gonna be typing pages and pages about Diwali? Well, I really want to, but this time, I'm going to tell you about the new stuff that has been brought up for Diwali. One of them is the new Vodafone Video for Diwali. I watched it the other day in YouTube and it was hilarious plus amazing! And now it's time you guys see and enjoy it too!^_^


  1. @Priya: Thanks and happy diwali to you too... :)

  2. hi tanrngni,

    well said..yeah its indeed a festival of lights.>:) enjoyed on this diwali ..

    thanks for the video gal..:)

  3. @Pramoda: A Pleasure, n u 2 enjoy ur diwali!^_^


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