Just For You

I keep waiting for you,
But you never come.
I feel lonely without you,
Like a firefly without it’s fire.
My smile and happiness are fading away.
And as I wait for your return,
My faith in you is fading.
No matter how much I wait for you
I know that you will never come.
Now and then; again and always

The day you left me
Was tragic and painful,
Filled with sorrow.
I wondered if you would be happy
With or without me
Or whether you would be sad.
But you still didn’t tell me how you felt,
And that has left a hollow in my heart
But, no matter where you are
Never feel sad because,
When you think of all the things
I did just for you,
You’ll smile like you had never before.

Without you I feel lost.
And when I look up at the sky and then at the moon,
I wonder if you’re thinking of me.
And I know I'll never be free
Without you beside me.
So, here I am stuck in this mist
Seeking for you in my memories.

P.S: Happy Halloween Guys!:D



  1. hey tharangni.. its really beautiful.. i am feeling the same today..

  2. hey tarangii ...u sweet gal..hw could u write the feelings which are not of ur age group.. i admire u galll.... with love, prams

  3. Great poetry! Really liked the soft feelings emanating. Write as much as you can... I used to write better poems when I was just a teenager... now all that comes out is cynicism that I loathe. :P

    By the way, there's an award for you over at MM... :)

    P.S. I've already done the tag, but many thanks for remembering me! :)

  4. @Chocolate lover: looks like we both feel the same.. :)
    @Prams: well... umm actually.. i kinda.. imagine.. n all comes down to the paper... ^-^
    @Guria: yea i will... u just keep checking in.. :)
    @Ranjith: Thanks!^_^

  5. I just have to ask, what have you been listening to off late ??

    I see some random influences in the poem :) but, on the whole, beautifully churned out !! Keep writing !

  6. @Vidhu: i dont listen to anythin... i just write down my feelings that all.. :P
    n thanks !^_^

  7. It is really fantastic tharagni...
    You are brilliant girl...
    I just love it...


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