Dancing Shadows

I'm outside.
On such a calm night,
Wondering what it’d be like,
To be a part of this nighty life.
With trees shushing,
And leaves swaying,
Urging me to be a part of their gratification.
The cool night breeze
Rustles and plays with the leaves,
And their shadows join the play.
Vividly they dance,
To the tune of the wind.
Glancing at them,
They look like nothing but just
The dancing shadows of the night.

'Whenever I read this poem, it reminds me of sitting in the terrace or at the balcony and enjoying the night with nature'


  1. its beautiful dear.. :)and the pic is also very apt :)

  2. @Snow White: Thank you very much!^_^ :)
    Very glad that you liked it!^_^

  3. wow! very beautiful words! i like the imagery here! the dancing shadows of night!! :) lovely!

  4. lovely poem :) n equally lovely choice of pic :)

  5. That was good descriptive writing....keep it up :)


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