Although scientists have become involved in the search for Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu, the situation of Avalon was somewhat different. The descriptions of the place make it clear that its world belonged exclusively to the realm of legend.
According to Arthurian legend, Avalon (or Avalun or Ynis Avalach, broadly translatable as “Island of the Apples”) is a place that lies in another world. A more precise description of that world is not possible because various authors’ portrayals vary so widely. It is clearly a mystical, unreal and otherworldly place, like that of a dream, but a dream in which the decisions one makes can have a bearing on reality. Otherworldly places are often tied to places that really exist. Likewise, Avalon is said to be located in the country of Somerset, is associated with Glastonbury Abbey. According to legend, this legend goes back to Joseph of Arimathia or one of his relatives, who brought the Holy Grail back to England or Wales from Israel.
Only a small circle of people were able to enter Avalon. In addition to its female ruler, Morgan Le Fay, and her eight sisters, its only inhabitant were the servants who lived in the Maiden House and Merlin, who is sometimes equated with the bard Taliesin.
The legend describes the way to Avalon. One travels over water in barbeque, but first has to learn how to summon the barbeque and its crew. Only Avalon’s inhabitants knew the land road, which never appears in descriptions, although it is said that people discover this secret path by mistake. Cloud cover is another precondition for reaching Avalon, which cannot be entered in clear weather. Those who try to enter on a sunny day find themselves in Glastonbury Abbey, instead.
It is sometimes said that the island is hidden beneath the water’s surface, with the clouds or mist representing the gateway between the earth’s surface and the dump underworld. Avalon itself is a peaceful healing island, where neither rain, hail nor snow can fall. Morgan Le Fay and her sisters are said to possess certain healing powers, which is why, with the help of ferryman Barinthus, they can bring the wounded to Avalon for a short time, traveling along the secret path.
King Arthur also came to the island through this way. According to Arthurian legend, after his final battle, the Battle of Camlann, the mortally wounded king – in some sources he was already dead – was brought to the island by three otherworldly priestesses and laid him there on a golden bed. His fate after that is unknown. For centuries afterward, legend still maintained that the king, either healed or resurrected would one day return. Thus it was believed that the Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa (ca. 1122 – 1190) was Arthur reborn,
With the description of the road leading to Avalon so imprecise and given the characteristics assigned by it no one can tell if it’s a product of fantasy or reality. But still people after hearing all these stories and tales about Avalon, can one conclude that it is real?

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