Just For You

I keep waiting for you,
But you never come.
I feel lonely without you,
Like a firefly without it’s fire.
My smile and happiness are fading away.
And as I wait for your return,
My faith in you is fading.
No matter how much I wait for you
I know that you will never come.
Now and then; again and always

The day you left me
Was tragic and painful,
Filled with sorrow.
I wondered if you would be happy
With or without me
Or whether you would be sad.
But you still didn’t tell me how you felt,
And that has left a hollow in my heart
But, no matter where you are
Never feel sad because,
When you think of all the things
I did just for you,
You’ll smile like you had never before.

Without you I feel lost.
And when I look up at the sky and then at the moon,
I wonder if you’re thinking of me.
And I know I'll never be free
Without you beside me.
So, here I am stuck in this mist
Seeking for you in my memories.

P.S: Happy Halloween Guys!:D


Tagged! :D

Hey, hey hey! This is the first time I've ever been tagged! :) And I really must thank Sammy for that! (Thank You!) Well after all the tagging I've seen in blogs, I guess I've to answer SOME* questions and pass on to other people whom I'd like to be Tagged!^_^
*By indicating some, I Really mean it as some, because, I'm just a little girl and I don't think those questions mean a thing to me! X)


RULE 1- You can only say Guilty or Innocent.
RULE 2- You are not allowed to explain anything unless someone messages you and asks!
RULE 3- Copy and paste this into your notes , delete mine and type in your answers and tag your friends to answer this.

Ever told a lie? Guilty
Slept in until 5 PM? Innocent.
Fallen asleep at work/school? Guilty.
Held a snake? Innocent.
Been suspended from school? Innocent.
Stolen from a store? Innocent.
Done something you regret? Innocent.
Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Guilty.
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Innocent.
Kissed in the rain? Innocent.
Sat on a roof top? Innocent.
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Innocent.
Have/had a tattoo? Innocent.
Liked someone, but will never tell who? Guilty.
Been too honest? Innocent.
Ruined a surprise? Innocent.
Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you couldn’t walk afterward? Innocent.
Erased someone in your friends list? Innocent.
Been told that you’re handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said? Innocent.
Got totally angry that you cried so hard? Guilty.

Well I guess those many questions should do for me! :) And now the fun part, Tagging!:)
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I Guess that should do it, and if I'd missed anyone-I'm realllllly sorry then! :)

Recitals Of My Life:: Let It All Out

Recitals Of My Life:: Let It All Out
Let it all out
Let it all out
All this anger of the past
Let it all out

Let us go on
Let us walk on
Walk along this bright present
Into our destined path
Let us walk on

Let me take you
Let me show you
The happiness we used to share
Amongst the flowers of summer air
Let me show you

And, let it all out
Let it all out
All this anger of the past
That keeps on stopping you
Let it all out

Let me see it
Let me see it
Oh! The smile you showed me that you cared
Which brought back memories that once I had
Let me just see it once again…

And let it all out
Let it all out
All this anger of the past
So that I can see your smile
For which I’ve waited all this while
Let it all out
Let it all out
Let it all… out…

'This is the third piece of my collection Recitals of my Life.
I actually played this song in my guitar-in an armature's way, because I still haven't preached any guitar classes. So I just strummed the tune of the song to it. And only Navya has the link to that song. And Navya, no PUBLISHING! Trust me, you WON'T want me to be singing!X('

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Lights on!

Lights on for it's BLASTING TIME! It's Diwali! Diwali is known as the festival of lights. It's the celebration of the return of Rama from Lanka, after defeating Ravana. It is the victory of good over evil. And so to dispel the darkness of the night, people light the night with diyas and bonfires.
And the neighbors and relatives greet each other and give sweets.
>>>>@-#$^&?<<<< Woah! Wait You guys think I'm gonna be typing pages and pages about Diwali? Well, I really want to, but this time, I'm going to tell you about the new stuff that has been brought up for Diwali. One of them is the new Vodafone Video for Diwali. I watched it the other day in YouTube and it was hilarious plus amazing! And now it's time you guys see and enjoy it too!^_^

My Acronym

Well, just the other day I was browsing Facebook Applications, and I came across one called the 'Name Acronym'. I never really can get my names' on my own because, I know only a limited set of adjectives to describe me. Anyway I got my Acronym as...


That's my full name! Why yes sir, except for the initial 'H' (which I didn't add) in between Tharangni and Siavji! XD

Dancing Shadows

I'm outside.
On such a calm night,
Wondering what it’d be like,
To be a part of this nighty life.
With trees shushing,
And leaves swaying,
Urging me to be a part of their gratification.
The cool night breeze
Rustles and plays with the leaves,
And their shadows join the play.
Vividly they dance,
To the tune of the wind.
Glancing at them,
They look like nothing but just
The dancing shadows of the night.

'Whenever I read this poem, it reminds me of sitting in the terrace or at the balcony and enjoying the night with nature'

Without The Moon

This is so nice
For there’s been nothing
Like this in my life
With stars shining
And clouds moving
But all of this is without
The sight of moonlight
The stars twinkle
Like the idea of the simple
Thought of living peacefully
Amongst the nightlings* longingly
And believing in our dreams
But all of this is without
The sight of moonlight…

*Nightling(s): Nightlings are the creatures of the night and they rule by the night. They serve the kai lord. In the past nightlings and humans used to live in harmony. But after the war between them, the idea of living peacefully is just a mirage.

P.S: I first wrote this poem, i.e. the first seven lines when I was in the 6th grade. I found the book in which I wrote this poem and I just finished the poem! ^_^


Although scientists have become involved in the search for Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu, the situation of Avalon was somewhat different. The descriptions of the place make it clear that its world belonged exclusively to the realm of legend.
According to Arthurian legend, Avalon (or Avalun or Ynis Avalach, broadly translatable as “Island of the Apples”) is a place that lies in another world. A more precise description of that world is not possible because various authors’ portrayals vary so widely. It is clearly a mystical, unreal and otherworldly place, like that of a dream, but a dream in which the decisions one makes can have a bearing on reality. Otherworldly places are often tied to places that really exist. Likewise, Avalon is said to be located in the country of Somerset, is associated with Glastonbury Abbey. According to legend, this legend goes back to Joseph of Arimathia or one of his relatives, who brought the Holy Grail back to England or Wales from Israel.
Only a small circle of people were able to enter Avalon. In addition to its female ruler, Morgan Le Fay, and her eight sisters, its only inhabitant were the servants who lived in the Maiden House and Merlin, who is sometimes equated with the bard Taliesin.
The legend describes the way to Avalon. One travels over water in barbeque, but first has to learn how to summon the barbeque and its crew. Only Avalon’s inhabitants knew the land road, which never appears in descriptions, although it is said that people discover this secret path by mistake. Cloud cover is another precondition for reaching Avalon, which cannot be entered in clear weather. Those who try to enter on a sunny day find themselves in Glastonbury Abbey, instead.
It is sometimes said that the island is hidden beneath the water’s surface, with the clouds or mist representing the gateway between the earth’s surface and the dump underworld. Avalon itself is a peaceful healing island, where neither rain, hail nor snow can fall. Morgan Le Fay and her sisters are said to possess certain healing powers, which is why, with the help of ferryman Barinthus, they can bring the wounded to Avalon for a short time, traveling along the secret path.
King Arthur also came to the island through this way. According to Arthurian legend, after his final battle, the Battle of Camlann, the mortally wounded king – in some sources he was already dead – was brought to the island by three otherworldly priestesses and laid him there on a golden bed. His fate after that is unknown. For centuries afterward, legend still maintained that the king, either healed or resurrected would one day return. Thus it was believed that the Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa (ca. 1122 – 1190) was Arthur reborn,
With the description of the road leading to Avalon so imprecise and given the characteristics assigned by it no one can tell if it’s a product of fantasy or reality. But still people after hearing all these stories and tales about Avalon, can one conclude that it is real?

The Velvet Casket...

Sorry about posting late guys. I didn't get the net connection for a while. Anyway this is another entry from my Diary! :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009
Today morning my brother came form Chennai to stay here during his study holidays. He had to go to Chennai to study in college. Over there he stays in a hostel. When he came back here there was no difference. He came, played with dog for a while, watched Hancock as he had his breakfast and then he went back to his same old college days-sat in the computer. Even as I type now he is sitting there and is browsing the net. Anyway since our family is the only one staying away form all the relatives in Chennai and whenever any of them come here, they’ll come with gifts for all of us.

And this time when my bro came from there, I got the Velvet Casket. It’s a real masterpiece. It was velvety all over and had a silky base and its insides were silky too. It was sealed with a golden thread around its ‘button’. It’s one of all the best caskets I ever have! It is black and has a big elephant carnated with glitters and beads. When opened it gives you the feeling of a royal person. Inside it’s filled with ‘jewels*’, very precious ones too. Right now inside it there are three things, three very beautiful and dazzling things. And all these I got from I cousins in Chennai and I thank then very much for it! :) Well from my uncle I got a stunning blue-jeweled and blue-studded key chain in the form of a tiny purse. Then my aunt gave me two other things. A green beaded bracelet with silver rings between every alternate bead and a silver chain with a dollar studded with gold and white stones. All of them in it were a real sight! That casket is going to be my treasure box with all my goodies in it! :)

*Jewels: See the pictures, plus the box is getting filled up with more n more 'precious-ies'