Why I Write

This is another page from my Journal which I also call my Diary...
Sunday, 20th Sep,’09
Dear Diary,
Diary I don’t know what you think when all your pages are written by me and are filled with my DNA. But I don’t do things just for the sake of doing. I do it for a purpose. After all everything in life, which is meant to, happens for a reason. The same way writing in you is also meant for a reason. Do you know something Diary? Unlike all the other people out there, you’re someone whom I can share secrets with and of all you’re faithful and loyal, as you never leak of them. You’re one God Damn friend other than Docks! You see Diary, no matter what I write in you, be it anything happy/sad/criticizing or even if I
were to be hurting you, you still take it all in without any regrets or sadness or any feeling of remorse. You’re one solid-brick mate than any person can have! Anyway you still might be wondering why I write down almost everything in you. Be it anything that happens in school or anything about him, you still might wonder why? Well you see Diary I was fond of writing right from my 6th grade as my English teacher for writing a story once appreciated me and she made me to read it out to the whole class! And that was when I started to write seriously. Soon I came to Hyd. As my dad got transferred the apartment in which I live is really non-existent because there is no one to play with and I literally hate all the kids here! They’re all real bossy! So since I’m not good at drawing or any other creative stuff, I took up reading. Eventually I made up this habit of writing whatever came to my head or whatever peculiar feeling I felt that particular moment. So that’s how I ended up writing. To me writing is much better than anything besides reading as I can store stuff immediately in my head and I find it quite easy to interpret it in words. So now I guess you’d basically have understood that I write because that’s what gives me comfort and puts me in peace. Or can I just say that… I write to live?


  1. hey, this is really interesting..diaries have always been loyal to their writers :-)


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