Time Travel

Throughout history there have been accounts of people who spontaneously disappear, only to reappear just as suddenly in a different place. Researchers speak of different dimensions of time – past, present, future – existing next to each other as parallel universes. Is controlled time travel possible? Could H.G. Well’s dream of a time machine become reality?

  • In September 1880, Judge Augusts Peck from Gallatin was visiting his friend David Lang. Several witnesses were watching him walk across a field when he completely vanished. The people had thought that he had fallen into a hole, but neither the police nor the fire department could find any trace of him. To this day no one knows the whereabouts of Augusts Peck.

  • Another case happened in Mexico City, 1593. A few soldiers noticed a new guard on duty in completely different clothes. When questioned he said that he was guarding the Governor’s Palace in Manila. It was then that it had occurred to him that he was not in fact in Manila. Manila however lays some 11,00 miles away from Mexico City. Two months later news arrived from Manila that the governor had been assassinated on the very night the very night the mysterious soldier had popped up in Mexico City. Officers in Manila searched for him in vain, and his disappearance was thought to be related in the assassination. Since the solider was Spanish he had been able to communicate with the Mexican soldiers without any difficulty, although they did remark on his peculiar accent. Another mystery, left unsolved. Or could it be… Time Travel???


  1. Interesting incidents.Time-travel has long since been a subject for science fiction novels.Read Michael Crichton's Timeline if you love the whole concept.

  2. nice one...can u search abt bermuda triangle as well???

  3. This one is interesting, you are really gathering knowledge out there ... :-)


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