Recitals Of My Life:: Invisible Wall [You]

Invisible Wall[You]

You ring me up
And I ask ‘who is it?’
You say it’s your best friend
But I wonder if you’re really a friend at all…
You ask me to come out to hang out with your friends…
You say that we will have fun
So I pop out of the house
Hopping along the street
Waiting for you…
Then I see you-
You’re out there
Standing amongst your friends
You aren’t even bothered if I am there
You wag your little finger asking me to come across the street
Then you leave me…
You don’t even care if I am there
I’m like an invisible wall
You don’t even see me
You don’t even hear me
You’re lost in heaven with your lover
And forgot about your best friend…
I’m an invisible wall

Trotting beside you
You have your arms linked with your lover
And that’s when I wonder why you even called me
I ponder, ponder, ponder
When I see you sitting alone
I sit beside you, when you cry on my shoulder
And I realize it was him.
I let you cry on my shoulder
I take you to your house
I tell that everything will be alright
My soft side resides over you…
But I know,
You still don’t see me
You’re still heartless
You still don’t hear me
You’re still thinking about him
And yet you forget about your best friend…
‘Cause I’m an invisible wall

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