The Real Inner Me

This was a post suggested by Sourav after I was searching and thinking of what post to make.

All I can tell is that by looking at the outside of me, you all might think of me as a geek or a nerd. Or even someone who doesn’t eat food properly. (Because I wear glasses-now lenses and I am real thin!) Many of my friends especially Navya, tell that I am a big geek! I really don’t know why! I mean I never looked at me at that way, a way of a geek! They say that because I read a lot of books and I literally can’t live without them. Once there was a time when I was so bored and I’d read almost every book in my house and then I saw Malgudi Days and I started to read it. I was reading it for the first time after I bought it for after 2 yrs. In the end it turned out to a good book. In school I’ve to be absent now a days all thanks to my bro! So I end up sitting in the class before recess and before the assembly completing notes. And seeing this Docks says that I am a big geek and a big nerd! All I want is to tell that that I want to me sincere! In my old school when I used to be absent, I always have this goal of finishing the work in that day! Be it even a meter long record observation, by writing speeds up according to my will. So I try to do that even here, and all I get is some evil criticism!

Anyway when people tell stuff like I am a geek or a nerd I’m starting to take it ‘light’. Previously when people used to tell me like that they will see my temper and will stay away from me for a few days, but now I think all of that is to change. When they say that I am a geek or a nerd I pip up with this reply, ‘OK! Anything else that I don’t know?’ And that shuts them up! I am really glad that I am changing! Anyway I do have something that most of my friends don’t, I’m good at sports! I get selected for competitions and I always try my best there! Though the only thing that I’d love to hear from my school when I am out there competing is their cheer! I love it when people cheer for me! It gives me more will and I try even better and harder! But sadly I am not that popular in school, so I hardly get those! :P


  1. Nerd, geek and book-worm are the best compliments one can get ! I get a lot of them, and I'm really proud of it ! :D

    Don't know much about you still, but I'm sure you are one 'intelligent' thinker and there is much more to you than these 'TAGS' !

    This post was really the best I could get to read to know a person .. you know not everyone is blessed to be called a geek/nerd, not everyone has brilliance in sports, not every girl has such a well-managed blog, not everyone is so polite, not everyone is so sweet .. and more thn anything you are really special in your own ways ! You are just you and that's what makes you different from others !

    A suggestion: Enjoy being you (with all negatives and positives) and life would be more wonderful right away :)

    Thanks for the kind gesture of mentioning my name right there .. and I'll ask for your suggestion to write my next post :)

    God bless you :)

  2. arrey you know what... being called a geek is a compliment... i get called all the time... i m not sorry to say i like to study and top... there are some dreams which don't get fulfilled without topping... and when you're good at sports, friends or no friends, the entire crowd cheers... don't worry and by the sound of it you've changed school not very long back... so give them some time... they may have an image of you as a first impression but they'll chuck it when they get to know the real you... *hugs* it is okay... be a geek for them for sometime... ye bhi jeekar dekh lo... who knows tom... everybody will call you only a sportsperson... :D :D

  3. @Akansha: Thanks for that! It made me feel better really! ^_^

  4. Hi..Nice one..

    so..thanks to sourav as well..:)

    ohh u r good at sports..well..keep it up ...malgudi days is a real good one, enjoy reading it..:)

    Thanks fr dropping by my blog..

    would like to come to ur space again and again..any ways am following uu ..:)

    Keep expressing ..

  5. I am all that you said about yourself now and it's fun. You know I call my self a Misfit, 'cause I enjoy my difference. I think of myself as a classy and stylish nerd/geek, and am proud of it. :)

    As for popularity, I wasn't much popular myself in school, and I wanted it real bad. I did get it, a lot, but didn't enjoy it at all. I prefer doing it and then receding back into who is me. :)

    P.S. I finally found out who the SCHREI is. :D Thanks for the follow and hope to see ya around more. You have a sweet blog. :)

    Love, G.

  6. @G: Hey Thanks! i read the meaning of maverick in the dictionary.. and i understood that it is an independent person who takes care of him/her(self).
    @Pramoda:yep i sure will !^_^

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