Few Stuff I learnt From Reading Story Books…

Well as you all know that I am a big bookworm and I practically cannot live without them, I do learn some stuff from them. It’s not that I read books just for the pleasure of reading them or just to be liked calling a ‘Bookworm’ (Though I do), I read to learn…
Well anyway I love to read mainly adulterated books written by Christopher Pike, Francine Pascal and many other authors because it involves a lot of murder, thrill and stirs up the mystery feeling.
Well a few things I learnt are:
1. For the people who consume alcohol for the first time they’ll feel like rats are running in their stomachs. They’ll feel like puking and their head will be throbbing, they’ll feel dizzy plus they’ll have a bad breath. >>So never get alcoholic!
2. Never think less of your twin if you have one, because she’ll always be there for you and will readily do anything for you.
3. Vampires are really dangerous. They kind of have eternal living and can never die, until something is pierced through their heart. All sorts of Garlic/holy water/fire or anything is of no use on then as they have incredible healing powers. They feast blood especially if it’s another vampire’s. They hate the sun.
4. If you’re ever on drugs and need to get over the addiction then you need to befriend a genetic freak who could release you form the addiction.
And well there are really a lot more! But I’m just not able to get it out of my head! :'(
So, this is all I can bring out!
Enjoy! :)

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  1. some more things u should keep in mind [:P]

    1. Alcohol consumption can be a great stress-buster too !! dts what movies show atleast !!

    2. Twins can also turn out to be Doppelgangers, i.e, evil twins !!

    3. Vampires love d blood of virgins/maidens !! i'd love to meet a real vampire some day ;)

    4. Drug addiction ... i have no clue about it :P

    visit back my blog !! comments will be appreciated ;) nd im ur follower now :) keep blogging !!


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